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Creating community at Beauhurst's new Brixton Space

Data provider and consultancy firm Beauhurst has been growing at pace since it was set up over 10 years ago. Its continued expansion meant that it needed a workplace that would be a perfect fit for the current team, while offering plenty of space for growth in the future.

The company wanted to keep a connection with Brixton and its lively, multi-cultural vibe, so found a new home just a stone’s throw away from its previous HQ. Brixton House is a hub of creativity and innovation, and a central part of the local community. More than just a workplace, the building combines theatre and studio spaces, providing the perfect backdrop to Beauhurst’s dynamic culture.

Having worked with Beauhurst on their previous office, Peldon Rose knew how to strike a balance between bringing the company’s vision to life while representing a ‘coming of age’ for Beauhurst, in harmony with its new sophisticated look and feel, reflecting the brand’s growing portfolio of clients.

Collaboration is key

Beauhurst wanted its new home to support and promote collaboration, in a space that creates connections and encourages conversations which are better had in person. Instead of a traditional fixed desk layout, the new space offers a variety of zones which support an agile style of working. Small breakout areas encourage quick catch ups with colleagues, while larger, more homely areas provide a step back from the corporate day-to-day – giving teams somewhere to relax.

The choice of materials was vital. Peldon Rose's design team incorporated surfaces such as whiteboards and AV screens throughout meeting rooms, so that teams could work together to bring ideas to life on the spot. Elsewhere, rolls of brown paper hang from the walls, encouraging more brainstorming and concept sharing, with the ability to take ideas back to a desk to be developed further.

We are so proud to have delivered this vibrant, inviting and sociable workspace for Beauhurst. Having worked with the team at their previous location, it was a pleasure to continue this relationship and support the business as it evolves.

Jonathan Dawes, Head of SME

Unlocking Beauhurst’s true potential

Peldon Rose wanted to ensure that the workplace was perfectly suited to Beauhurst, and we took time to dive into the company’s occupational requirements. Based on average occupancy, the space has been developed so it never feels empty but there’s room for the full team when necessary.

Keeping a close eye on the future was also part of the brief, so every inch of the space has been maximised, with features such as smaller working areas tucked neatly into corridors. Acoustic curtains allow area to be sectioned for smaller meetings and catch-ups, but they can also easily be drawn back to offer room for presentations and company-wide meetings.

This flexibility runs throughout the space to support a range of working styles, giving people freedom of choice over how and where they work. Those looking for an element of quiet and focus are drawn to the library. The rich, darker colour palette on the ceiling and walls, and worktop level lighting, offer a dramatically different atmosphere which is ideal for solo work.

Fostering culture and community

The colours used throughout the workplace create an unmistakable connection with Beauhurst’s brand, with dark navy and pops of bright yellow and red. At the tea point, a bespoke feature wall, complete with an AV screen, uses the new tessellating brand pattern to create a focal point for company presentations and announcements. Social areas, from the kitchen to breakout space, make up around 50% of the floorplan, naturally creating an enviroment in Brixton House that cultivates company culture by bringing people together.

Beauhurst no longer wanted a place where its employees came in 9-5, Monday to Friday, but rather a place where they can work flexibly and collaboratively. Peldon Rose delivered them a space in Brixton House that will be the centre of Beauhurst’s future plans and growth.

Our new office space has had a positive impact, people are choosing to work in the office more often! Our people love working (and socialising!) in space that provides variety and flexibility. It feels like a proper home for the company; a place where our culture shines through.

James Richardson, Strategy Manager at Beauhurst
Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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