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A client-facing workspace for Carnstone Partners LLP

  • Westminster
  • 3,000 sq ft
  • Legal
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Having previously partnered with Carnstone five years before this project, we were delighted to be asked to fit-out their new London office in Durham House. Having worked with Carnstone before, we knew the importance of delivering an impressive client-facing area.

The Carnstone Partners LLP London office is both creative and business orientated. Their unique office dynamic thrives on the contemporary, design led environment that inspires collaboration amongst their employees and guests. Their client facing area makes the most of the entrance space and means clients are greeted with a striking writable wall and high-backed privacy booths. Not only does this wall help provide an impressive welcoming area for clients, it also screens the vibrant breakout area which is there for all employees to enjoy.

Space is optimised wherever possible and the workspace design features spacious built-in storage, which allows staff to maintain an organised and secure office. The large kitchen area provides enough seating for staff to socialise at lunch or over a coffee during their break. This space is also used for them to get away from their desks for quiet working, meetings and encourages interaction and communication within the workplace.

The project included both Cat A and Cat B works and, in order to meet Carnstone’s needs, our in-house specialists were able to deliver the office fit-out by following a fast track programme. The key to delivering this fit-out with strict schedules was maintaining healthy communication with our clients and all parties, providing updates to make sure the delivery remained on time and the latest information was always available.

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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