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Relocation to bolster collaboration for Carebase

Carebase are leaders in providing exceptional nursing, residential, and dementia care and needed an office space that reflected these high standards. Faced with the need to quickly relocate to new office space, the company turned to Peldon Rose to help with the location selection process and the creation of a collaborative, social workspace to bring their different teams together. The space, however, would not only be for Carebase but also for Belmont Property, who offers property development services across London. The new office design needed to be able to cater for the needs of both businesses.

Peldon Rose carried out a space planning exercise to help determine where would be the best location for the Carebase team to thrive. However, at the last minute, a space became available that was perfect for the Carebase team. Located on Worple Road in Wimbledon, the space was an office that the Peldon Rose team knew well, having occupied the building whilst the refurbishment of the Peldon Rose’s headquarters at Sterling House, took place.

An office space made for two

With extensive knowledge of the building and despite the quick turnaround of building choice, Peldon Rose created a space that not only helps to bring the Carebase team together but allows the team to work harmoniously alongside Belmont Property, a place for both businesses to flourish under one roof.

Two companies occupying one space meant that the positioning of meeting rooms and breakout areas within the 3,019 sq ft floorplate had to be carefully considered. Peldon Rose created a variety of different offices and meeting spaces through effective space planning and with careful consideration of both teams’ needs. The space now boasts a variety of offices that feel light, inviting, and spacious. Both companies are excited to be able to invite visitors to their new offices, elevating the client experience whilst representing who they are as a business.

Creating connections within the space

For property developers, Belmont Property, the space is one where their business can grow and develop, all in one workspace. As a small team, the office provides the privacy needed for formal meetings, but also a place for connecting away from their desks, over a coffee or drink at the end of a week, something that Belmont Property had lacked previously.

Carebase’s previous office’s L-shaped floorplate separated the team, creating siloes, with little room for causal interactions or collaborative thinking. Now connections can now be made throughout. A new tea-point where people can come together and enjoy social interactions away from desks has been carefully placed by the reception area with timber slats separating the two spaces but maintaining a sense of openness. Having spent the past year working singularly, a collaborative culture is cultivated within a small, open-plan setting.

Bringing brand values to life

Aesthetically, Carebase’s brand identity and values can be seen throughout. Green hues create synergy with the company’s brand colours and the green within the Carebase logo. The boardroom has a new feature wall, created from timber panels, painted in green. Timber flooring connects the welcoming reception space to the back of the office where an additional tea point now stands. The space itself is inviting for visitors with a sense of warmth, symbolising the caring nature and genuine passion for people that aligns with the Carebase values.

A safe pair of hands

Maintaining communication throughout the project played a key factor in the creation of Carebase’s new office. Peldon Rose’s knowledge of the building and ability to react and respond quickly to the change in location only further reassured Carebase that they were in a safe pair of hands. The design was on budget, and practical to the objectives of the business and the needs of the employees. This simple, yet smart design, brings to life a previously tired space that lacked functionality.

Head of SME Jonathan Dawes said “I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Carebase team who are clearly seasoned professionals at what they do. The end result is reflective of the huge amount of collaboration that went into this project. It is a brilliant space and one that we can be very proud of.”

“We are so happy with the finished project, we are all over the moon and it’s really created a buzz in morale for the team. Thanks to the Peldon Rose team for making it so great for us!”

Bijan Dhanani, Belmont Properties Director
Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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