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A new office and seminar space in King's Cross for Cambridge Spark

Cambridge Spark specialises in data science and AI training, advancing the tech capabilities of individuals and organisations through educational seminars and their online EDUKATE platform. Headquartered in Cambridge, their London team had been working out of a co-working space in Euston. Cambridge Spark also used rented hotel exhibition space to host their data science courses. It became clear that they would gain a serious advantage if they could bring these two aspects of their business together in a single location – one that they could call their own.

Improved technology capabilities

Peldon Rose has a wealth of expertise in guiding companies through the transition from operating out of co-working space and into their own office, so we were the perfect partners to assist with Cambridge Spark’s office relocation to their new AI Campus in the Knowledge Quarter of King’s Cross. Our design gives them the capacity for 10 desks in the office, and a conference room that can accommodate over 40 students and two lecturers.

One of the primary reasons for the relocation was a lack of technological capacity and sufficient Wi-Fi speed in their shared office. Both are vital to a company so reliant on IT software. Technology has therefore been a defining factor in the new office design, including the incorporation of a retractable projector and specialised video conferencing equipment. Every seat in the seminar room is also equipped with its own plug socket, ensuring attendees never run out of power.

Infusing the Cambridge Spark brand

Having their own office has also given the company the opportunity to express their identity and take full ownership of the space. They really wanted to push their branding, which is especially apparent on the bespoke moss wall that greets visitors as they enter. The Cambridge Spark and EDUKATE.AI signage is mounted in acrylic onto the moss with illuminated logos, with the modern materials set in stark contrast with the greenery. Moss walls offer multiple benefits, including improving air quality and having a stabilising affect on interior humidity.

The branding has further been expressed with pops of colour throughout the project, such as in the turquoise accents of the entrance carpeting and particularly in the conference room, where the chairs have been coloured to match the vibrant hues of the logos. A tea point and breakfast bar, finished beautifully with ceramic tiles and herringbone floor, provide workers with a place to get away from their desks and catch up with colleagues, while a generous roof terrace gives views of the Midland Hotel and BT Tower.

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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