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Improving the work environment and culture for bpha

Design to make a difference

For bpha, having an open plan office space where people could share ideas easily was really important. Their new office design helps to improve the work environment and culture of the bpha office.

They wanted to move away from the traditional, disjointed space they’d had in the past, where departments were spread over different floors and staff rarely had the opportunities to collaborate on projects together. Creating a collaborative environment was essential for the new office design. We wanted to maximise the office layout by creating an open plan workplace.

Having already found the perfect office in Bedford, we carried out a full Cat B and Part A refurbishment. Our in-house team were responsible for stripping the office back to a shell, so we could go on to creating a design that bpha would be proud of.

a dark stone effect kitchen space to the front left with a communal eating area with multicoloured chairs and benches with people eating lunch

We created a large café/town hall and meeting zone in the middle of the office – an equal space where people could come together without being boxed in by partition walls, or separated by entire floors. The café area is a bright area with bench seating to further instil the idea of a community and reducing confined, separate seating to a minimum.

The desk areas were open plan for everyone too, even the Director Team and Chief Executive. When designing the office layout, the meeting areas were the only part of the office where we wanted to include a mixture of open and enclosed rooms. Our designs ensured that bpha’s new office was an environment where staff could communicate easily and have as a few barriers as possible. For the meeting rooms, we built separate Skype, phone and war rooms to give some extra privacy.

women sitting behind a white speckled front desk with low hanging blue and orange lighting on the right hand side of the front desk and a splash of multicoloured stripes
multi coloured high backed seats on the left with larger green fabric sofas on the right within an open plan workspace
Two women sit across from one other in a green fabric high-backed sofa with a TV mounted in the centre.
A purple kitchen with people sitting at multicoloured circle tables and rectangle benches.
Low-hanging peach slatted lamp shades with purple, white, and green chairs at a white kitchen island
four multicoloured high backed chairs all facing inwards towards a central white table within an open space
Purple kitchen area across the back with people eating food at tables and chairs in front with multi coloured high backed seats facing towards the kitchen area
A blue meeting booth with multicoloured tub chairs facing inwards to a small white coffee table with a glass door.
a Large wall graphic of houses and a road based on a white wall with white and blue benchs in front and a blurred man walking on the left hand side
Two women talking on a white table in an open plan workspace
A white table and chairs situated in an open place office space
An inside view of a blue meeting booth with a white table and chairs
An open plan kitchen and work desk space with a white graphic wall
Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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