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Project Team

An office relocation for Board Intelligence

Board Intelligence is an innovative platform that enables faster, smarter decisions in the boardroom through insightful information. The team had outgrown their offices in St James’ and had become disconnected in the space, prompting an office relocation. This move was an important step in the company’s progression and plans for growth. The new 5,400 sq ft office in Bank is a modern, professional environment with a high-quality finish aimed at providing an impressive employee and client experience.

Front of house for Board Intelligence featuring business logo
Small meeting room for Board Intellignce
Mid-sized collaboration and meeting room

The vision for the office design was to create a community feel which encourages teams to come together more frequently. We installed meeting booths, phone booths and collaboration tables to help promote integration between teams and create a highly functional workspace. As you arrive into the space, the contrast between the dramatic black and white branding and original architecture of the property evokes a sense of sophistication and elegance. The inviting front of house area sets the tone as soon as you enter the space, guiding people to the stylish meeting suite.

Large boardroom and meeting space with soft seating
A large collaboration area for Board Intelligence
Collaboration spaces with incorporated biophilia

Board Intelligence wanted their people to be involved with developing the new office design, so we conducted some light workplace consultancy. This was to get an insight into what staff felt they needed in their new workplace and how we could design an office that would accommodate their people. To inspire innovation in the space, we have created a variety of work spaces in the office to give employees more flexibility about how they work and to give them improved facilities.

Bar-style tea point with stool seating
Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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