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An exciting space to attract the best talent for Bazaarvoice

Bazaarvoice have built their success on being able to use their exciting products to attract talent and inspire employees. Their London office needed to reflect their business, so we built an architectural environment that captures everything that is quirky and unique. Bazaarvoice challenged us to design an extraordinary office space.

We worked together with Bazaarvoice over two years and in this time we got to know our client’s needs and plans. By developing this relationship, our team got to understand the type of workspace Bazaarvoice wanted to be in. Our workplace consultancy experts optimised the consultation period to understand how to create a sense of identity and a workspace that would be undoubtedly theirs.

One of the underlying values of this office design was to bring out the inventive side of Bazaarvoice. Their work is creative and they wanted to show off their quirky nature. So the packing crates for breakfast bars, teapots for lights, picnic tables from the park perfectly reflect their quirky culture.

Our in-house furniture team selected retro furniture, chandeliers, deck chairs and meeting rooms are modelled on a monopoly board. They are colour coded with Victorian terrace doors to give their office space the level of eccentricity and Britishness they need to complement their otherwise unmistakeable professionalism and global reach.

We installed meeting booths, equipped with TV screens so they can be used for meetings and smaller presentations. The bright colours throughout the office were included to deformalise the workspace to make it a more energising environment.

Through the entire 2-year process Peldon Rose stayed incredibly supportive, accommodating and patient with us.

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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