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A refurbished HQ for Avis Budget Group

Avis Budget Group wanted to refurbish their UK headquarters in Bracknell to modernise the services in their office, cater for increased occupancy and reinforce their brand identity. Delivered over 16 months, this project covered 67,000 sq ft across three floors and was broken down in to nine design phases and carefully delivered whilst Avis Budget Group were in-situ.

At the start of the project, Peldon Rose carried out extensive workplace analysis and change management to ensure that the project could be delivered in a way that would minimise disruption, optimise their current space and allow for future growth and development. One of the main challenges for this project was carefully coordinating the in-situ works to ensure there were minimum disruptions to staff so that the business could operate effectively without interruptions. Through careful workplace analysis and building management we ensured staff were always involved and considered.

To help Avis support staff wellbeing in the office, we constructed a new shower block and cycle store to help encourage people to cycle to work and get fit with their colleagues. We also created a variety of open plan office spaces for staff to have the ultimate choice of where to work, meet or relax. This helps support their mental wellbeing.

In situ office refurbishment

In-situ office refurbishment work needed to be carefully considered, concise and delivered on schedule. To enable Avis to continue their usual operations, we had to isolate the services in the areas we were working and replace them without impacting the rest of the building.

Planning the space and analysing the building enabled us to work out where we could create temporary workspaces for staff and coordinate the phases of the build. This meant that building services were able to remain working in other parts of the office space and staff could still enjoy the full functionality of the building with minimal disruption to their daily work.

To deliver the project on time, we had to be efficient at coordinating the move management and so we adopted the responsibilities of managing the move to make sure that all staff were fully aware of the role they played in moving and to allow for the next phase of the project to begin and again, to minimise disruption.

Increasing office space efficiency

Having experienced a period of rapid growth, Avis wanted to create more desk space and more collaborative areas to ensure their staff would be comfortable and productive. By introducing an open bench solution, and moving away from a more traditional cellular environment, we created extra informal meeting spaces to help use the space more intelligently and allow increased staff numbers to work comfortably. Freeing up and repurposing under-utilised space was also important for the future as it provides the option for growth without the fear of becoming overcrowded and cramped. In order to prevent staff moving multiple times and creating downtime, the project was broken down in to nine design phases and carefully planned across 16 months.

This project was largely influenced by the company’s growing occupancy at Avis House but to achieve the modern and uplifting space they needed, this refurbishment needed to address the essential upgrade work to all the essential systems. The entire infrastructure of the office needed replacing, which included replacing the HVAC system, data and power infrastructures as well as other essential works to enable us to deliver a new environment for Avis. The Peldon Rose in-house M&E team were responsible for replacing the infrastructure which provided an important foundation for the newly refurbished office space.

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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