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Office relocation for Assala Energy

Assala Energy is an oil exploration and production company, and their strategy is to invest in mid-life and mature assets to increase production and extend field life cycles. After experiencing growth in the company, Assala Energy decided to relocate to a 5,800 sq ft office in The Metro Building in Hammersmith. Their serviced office space was no longer supporting their business needs, so they wanted to find their own space which would help provide the right environment for their staff.

The office relocation for Assala Energy presented an opportunity to create a stronger brand presence and give their staff better facilities to encourage more connected ways of working. We used the architecture of the building to retain a chic, minimalist look. To help achieve this we left the ceilings exposed to amplify the contrast with the Crittall style glazing and create an elegant New York loft style interior. The exposed ceiling and pipework also reflects Assala Energy's core business and was designed to reference the pipelines that they own.

When devising our design for the space, we took inspiration from the branding and company name. ‘Assala’ is a local term from Gabon given to smaller, individual elephants that are known for their vitality and tenacious character. This means that they can freely move through the denser forest. This energy and vitality is reflected in the office design and the elephant logo is present in the key areas of the office which helps tie the whole space together.

Industrial office design

The new workplace design needed to be more connected as the teams had been spread over different floors in their serviced office. They wanted their transient staff to feel proud of the office and that it was a destination to look forward to visiting, where they could be comfortable and feel part of the company.

The industrial look and feel of the office design synchronises with the company colours and earthy tones of Assala Energy. The office design uses terracotta colours and strong black detailing to make the space feel warm and impactful. To balance the raw materials in the space, we have introduced biophilic elements to maintain a natural look throughout the office.

Following the office design and fit out of Assala's new workspace, our office maintenance team was awarded maintenance contracts to ensure their building services continued to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Promoting workplace culture

As well as creating a stylish workspace, they also wanted to provide a connected environment for their staff that would encourage greater integration within the business and support their close-knit culture. Our furniture team installed new hot desking, collaborative benches and private spaces on the main office floor to provide more space for collaborative work

Assala Energy pride themselves on their people first approach and to help strengthen the company culture. The tea point now provides staff with a central meeting point in the office as well as a space to hold events, and for staff to eat lunch together. It is a bright, relaxing space which has created an area for staff to socialise in with all the right facilities to feel comfortable in the office.

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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