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Employee happiness at the core for Allgood

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Allgood Plc came to us with a challenge. They wanted to grow as a business but were unsure whether change would unnerve their employees, some of which have been working there for over 30 years. They owned their previous building, with the working environment spread out over five floors.

For this change to be seen as a positive, we decided to move Allgood onto one floor, bringing the company together and making better use of the space. To keep their loyal employee’s identity, we zoned different sections of the office space to fully represent them and create a workplace where their staff could remain happy.

With the nature of their business, specialising in ironmongery, door sets, security and washroom solutions, it was essential that their workspace allows their clients to come in to view their work. This came in the form of the quirky block meeting room at the front of house, with showroom doors on the outside that open to showcase their products.

We wanted to create a surprise for their clients, so as you enter the bespoke meeting space, you feel completely secluded with forest wall graphics and synthetic grass beneath you. This alternative interior creates a relaxed environment in which employees and clients can openly talk and share ideas.

Within the open plan office, three different zones were created; the heritage side - where the longest serving employees work, the contemporary side - where the sales and marketing team work and then the front of house - where their reception and product showcase pod is. The new open plan layout now allows for constant communication among employees.

To add vibrancy and warmth to the office design, we added splashes of orange through soft seating and art work to represent the sparks produced in ironmongery. To mimic the curve in their most iconic and well-known door handle, we curved all visible edges throughout the office, bringing the history into the office.

We installed two meeting rooms with a removable wall to form a boardroom, which allows for flexibility for different types of meetings and conferences in the office space. We also installed an office for their CEO, reusing their existing furniture, with the Allgood logo as a feature on the manifestation. The rest of the office was fitted with new furniture by our in-house team.

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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