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Building a social, homely environment for 18 Week Support

  • Office relocation
  • Great Tower Street, City
  • 2,200 sq ft

18-week support is an organisation that provides insourcing to UK NHS Trusts, enabling them to manage waiting lists in a sustainable, cost-effective and efficient manner. They wanted to relocate their office to improve their working environment and have more space to grow into. With an increasing demand for meeting space, their new office on Great Tower Street is a fresh, more homely space that actively promotes a sense of community.

  1. Create a more energetic, communal environment
  2. Add in more meeting spaces
  3. Uplift the workplace with homely, warm finishes
View gallery an open office environment with a black and glass wall divider
View gallery a large white meeting room with a grey carpet and a white rectangle table and a tv mounted on a black wall
View gallery blue and grey social seating area surrounded by white deskspaces
View gallery an open office with a grey booth and blue seats surrounding two white tables

As an organisation closely associated with the NHS, their brief was to use the design to help shift away from a medical look and feel, breaking the traditional preconceptions of being a clinical organisation. Our office design concept was to introduce a sense of homeliness and to add warmth to the space with colourful detailing, furniture and plants. The central space is a way of connecting staff, introducing a team environment and the opportunity to Yes with other teams in the business. This living room space deformalizes the office environment and creates a more social, calming atmosphere in the office.

View gallery Grey kitchen with blue tiled backsplash and glass divider with a table and chairs
View gallery A grey and white office with a black desk on the right and a black circle table and seats on the left
Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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Discuss a project: Leave your details
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