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Reflecting the local area at 15 Bedford Street

  • 8,000 sq ft
  • Cat A & Cat B fit out
  • Covent Garden

The skill when delivering an interior office design without a specific company or working culture in mind is to create versatile, hard-working, and comfortable spaces aligned with contemporary office life, and which weave relics of the surrounding area into the workplace. Peldon Rose’s Landlord team consistently deliver this for clients, and the story at 15 Bedford Street is no different. Having recently purchased the building, our client wanted to ensure that flexibility remained at the forefront of the conversation when taking the spaces back to market. We're delighted that the fifth floor was leased to a leading technology fund within weeks of completion.

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Natural light

This space is designed to capitalise on the large skylight, and doubles as both a client waiting area and breakout space

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Design inspiration

Our designers drew inspiration from the outdoors, using neutral colours and spherical shapes found in nature to tie different design elements together

Coalescing architectures on the third floor

Peldon Rose worked on multiple floors at 15 Bedford Street, a building with bustling Covent Garden in its prime line of sight. We first repositioned the third floor as a CAT A space, choosing to marry the existing architectures in the listed building into a charming blend of old and new.

The primary mechanical services were painted off-white to heighten the ceiling, while the secondary ducting was left in its original galvanised steel state to create a simplistic ceiling detail. Circular lights in the listed part of the building operate as a modernised sort of chandelier, juxtaposing the trim of intricate existing plasterwork circling the room and melding old and new together. Finally, the carpet is a neutral grey, which helps to ground the whole space and to absorb light and excess sound bouncing off the white walls.

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CAT A fit out

Galvanised steel mechanical and electrical services have been left exposed to heighten the room's ceiling

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Modernising design

These large circular lights balance the more traditional details of the building, and act as a contemporary anchor for any future design

Supporting individual working needs with warm and inviting multi-use spaces

Bright and sophisticated is the impression throughout the fourth floor. Furnishings are chosen for their crisp, minimalistic lines, with soft cushions and neutral coloured upholstery. Pendant lights are imperfectly spherical in form to replicate shapes seen in nature. We also chose to work with the existing marble tiles in the entrance atrium and meeting rooms, drawing inspiration from their sandy-white colours to inform the texture of the mottled carpet running throughout the rest of the workplace.

It was a proud moment to see the natural ambience we’d designed, anchored by biophilia and a neutral, comforting colour palette, come to life in an elevated, yet simplistic way. We’ve created a working environment that sits comfortably amidst the vibrancy of Covent Garden

Tia Brooks, Graduate Designer
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Colour in design

A neutral colour palette keeps spaces versatile for a range of prospective tenants

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Social spaces

Visual connection between work stations and the tea point encourages employees to be dynamic in their working habits

Employee wellbeing

Placing desking near windows means that natural light is accessible to all

The office is loosely divided into two areas, with the entrance atrium and two glass-walled, client-facing meeting rooms creating an instinctual user journey throughout the space. On the Covent Garden side, with views of the market in the distance and awnings of the alfresco eateries the tourist haven is well known for, is the open-plan office. This features rows of desking placed strategically close to windows to maximise on natural light and the view. Planters with locker storage divide up the space and add pops of warmth and biophilia to the working ambience.

The other area is anchored by a large tea point. This is completed with banquette seating and a family-style kitchen table for colleagues to sit around. The area promotes a multi-use space, from informal meetings to relaxed socialisation. A collaborative work area and traditional desking is offered nearby, enabling individuals to choose agile ways of working that are most productive for them.

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Multipurpose spaces

Providing a range of seating options in the kitchen enables it to be used for different functions, from lunch, to informal meetings, to solo work

Elements of nature on the fifth floor

It’s immediately clear the fifth floor is a smaller, brighter space to its sibling below, thanks to the vast skylight overlooking the office’s entrance. The design capitalises on this feature, with a table and banquette seating positioned beneath the window, a pale vinyl floor, and soft seating in neutral colours in one corner for a spot of sunny respite. These features entice the outside in – natural light is important for employee wellbeing, and this space is flooded with it.

The rest of the workplace continues the feeling of being in a natural, calming space. Meeting room chairs are cushioned in a deep stone colour, and pendant lighting, while used more sparingly here given the reduced office size, mirrors the fourth floor. Finally, focus booths are carpeted to soften the acoustics and enhance the general look and feel of the capsule spaces.

The tea point is situated on the opposite side of the office to the skylight and operates as a secondary hub of life and light. It is at once separate, and integrated, into the open-plan desking, thanks to the wrap around island half-enclosing the space. Cabinets are a beautiful sage green, with soft banquette seating and a breakfast bar capitalising on multifunctional features in the small floorplate and encouraging colleagues to socialise.

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