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Cat A+ refurbishment at 14 St John's Square

We partnered with landlord Savills Investment Management and commercial agents Colliers City Fringe to bring a new ready-to-work offering to the competitive Clerkenwell rental market. The surrounding area is populated by Michelin starred restaurants, historic pubs, artisanal cafes and a creative community thriving with designers and entrepreneurs. The location meant that the ready-to-work space had to attract a diverse range of tenants and our vision was to deliver a scheme that maximised the natural light and to create street appeal.

The 10,000 sq ft space had previously been on the market as a standard Cat A offering for over 6 months. Within one week of using our design concepts to market the space a tenant was found and secured. This demonstrated the value in the landlord’s decision to invest and refurbish the space into a Ready to Work scheme to quickly find a new tenant. Set over two floors we chose to create a beautiful kitchen and community hub using tiered bleachers in the lower ground floor.

The ground floor has been designed to provide a sense of arrival that is open and welcoming. Using minimalist finishes, we provided a canvas that any tenant could add their own personality and style to. The open plan ground floor provides a number of workstations and ad-hoc informal meeting/collaboration spaces. Utilising free standing huddle booths and soft furnishings throughout both floors provides any interested tenants with the flexibility they need to move things around and change their surrounding.

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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