A winter maintenance checklist

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As we navigate the depths of winter, it’s difficult to predict what the weather will have in-store. The first weeks of the new year has brought with it sunshine, snow, and a mixture of temperatures, that has plummeted below freezing. The ever-changing climate has the potential to pose challenges to the buildings we both live and work in. Whether your office building is servicing some members of your workforce, or whether it remains empty, it’s more important than ever to maintain the health of your workplaces this winter. Here are some of our top tips.

Challenges from within

Heating – Dealing with a broken boiler when the temperatures are tiptoeing around the freezing mark can be dangerous, and threatens to plunge your workplace below temperatures that are safe to work in. Regular maintenance checks both ahead of and during the winter period can ensure you maintain a workplace that operates at a comfortable temperature for all of your employees.

Pipes – When temperatures outside are freezing the water inside our pipes may freeze too. As water expands when it freezes, pipes run the risk of rupture, which may lead to leakage or serious flooding. Pipes should be checked regularly to detect any weaknesses or damage that could be exacerbated by the cold weather.

Challenges to the structures of our buildings


Our team is based at Sterling House, which has been our home for nearly 20 years, but the building is even older, so we understand the importance of protecting the roof of our workplace. As the tops of buildings are regularly tried and tested with rainfall, sleet, hail and snow in winter, it’s key to check for any wear and to regularly clean the roof of your workplace to prevent any internal leakage that may otherwise go unnoticed.


Servicing the edge of the roof and workplace building should also be high on your priority list in winter. Build up of leaves, debris and dirt can lead to blocked gutters which can damage the roof. Additionally, stagnant water that is not drained effectively via the guttering can cause water to pool around your workplace, threatening the very foundations of the building.

Spring is on the horizon, bringing with it new hope and the prospect of a return to the workplace within the coming months. It’s important to take care over the coming weeks while we experience the last of the cold weather, so that when the workforce is able to return, our workplaces are prepared and ready to welcome them.

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