Property Week Feature: Countering the Great Resignation

Jitesh Patel, CEO Culture, Wellbeing, Workplace strategy

The UK is facing a jobs crisis. Vacancies are at an all-time high and talent recruitment and retention have become a major challenge.

CEO Jitesh Patel spoke to Property Week to discuss how The ‘Great Resignation’ has truly taken hold of the UK’s business sector, and why it is vital that companies look to combat its effects. Our Powered by People report has cast light on several solutions, which all centre on having a clear understanding of your people.

The physical embodiment of this understanding lies within the workplace, and this gives business leaders an opportunity to act in a tangible and impactful way. Collating research from both the workforce and the wider C-suite, the report found that 70% of employees feel their employers need to do more to improve office space in order to entice them back to work, and more than half (55%) believe that the quality of a workplace would influence their job choice.

This shows that despite hybrid working becoming the norm, the office still has a major influence on business performance and staff retention.

A positive culture is the backbone of any organisation. If nurtured properly, it helps to motivate and engage teams, contributing towards their overall happiness and wellbeing.

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