Leeson Medhurst interviews with Work in Mind

Danielle Emery, Head of Marketing Workplace strategy

Following the recent launch of our Office of the Future Report, head of workplace strategy Leeson Medhurst interviewed with Work in Mind to dig into the detail.

Although the future may be uncertain, it’s clear that the office still has a significant role to play long-term in the working world – people have come to realise there is still a huge need for the workplace.

Our research explores our relationship with a physical workplace and how it is tied to wellbeing, productivity, and culture of our business.

Key learnings:
• Why the physical workplace is here to stay, culture, productivity, and wellbeing
• The impacts of COVID-19 on business productivity and employees – split by generation type
• How to design your workplace; whether elevating your current workspace or when considering relocating
• Impact on the landlord and co-working landscape

Read the interview in full here.

Work in Mind

Work in Mind is a knowledge platform dedicated to the connection between healthy buildings and workplace wellbeing, believing that the environment in which you work, exist, and learn should be a space in which health, wellbeing and productivity can co-exist with sustainability and efficiency – aligning with our beliefs at Peldon Rose.

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