OnOffice feature: Fighting the Great Resignation

Jitesh Patel, CEO Culture, Workplace strategy, Hybrid working

As seen in OnOffice, by CEO, Jitesh Patel

How can businesses tackle this looming crisis? The answer lies with people. It’s time to start listening to what employees want, both in their working lives and when it comes to what their workplace can offer them.

Our new Powered by People report has done just that, combining research from both the C-suite and wider workforce. The insight uncovered is of incredible value for business leaders who are truly invested in making their companies great places to work, and it’s particularly vital for companies struggling with recruitment. The main takeaway? You have to listen to, and understand, what people want and need in their working lives.

The physical embodiment of understanding your people lies within the workspace. Not only is an office the hub of a company, it’s also a reflection of your culture and a space that enables it to thrive. Over the last 18 months, most of us had this taken away with months of working from home.

The office shouldn’t simply be a place to work, it needs to be an exciting, collaborative space. Somewhere that is vibrant, empowering and embodies what your business and people stand for. It needs to be a destination for employees, somewhere that entices prospective recruits and supports existing talent.

It’s vital that business leaders recognise the power of their people. With the ‘Great Resignation’, all eyes are on recruitment and retention, and the onus now is on these leaders to create spaces which embody what their organisation stands for.

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