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Peldon Rose creates a people-centric hub for the Liberal Democrats

To inspire creative thinking and teamwork, it’s vital that the right environment is cultivated. That’s why, when it came to creating a headquarters that would inspire election success, the Liberal Democrats turned to office design and build company Peldon Rose.

Peldon Rose needed to create a new people-centric hub to bring together staff, volunteers and parliamentarians. It needed to be a space that embodied the Liberal Democrats’ mission to create a “fairer, greener, more caring Britain”, and enable the next generation of Lib Dem leaders to thrive.

“It was really important to us that the new space was a reflection of our people and our agile working ethos. We tasked Peldon Rose with designing a head office that encourages debate and collaboration, gives our people freedom over how and where they work and tells our story” Siân Waddington, Director of Operations at the Liberal Democrats.

A warm welcome

The new HQ for the Lib Dems at 1 Vincent Square, lies in the heart of Westminster. Whilst the building is in an impressive location, it was important that this space did not feel too grand or intimidating. It needed to exude a positive energy for everyone who walked through its doors, making them feel welcome and immediately engaged with the party.

Steve Taylor, Project Designer at Peldon Rose, commented: “To create this space we needed to really understand the party’s ambitions. Their main goal is very obvious ,that is to achieve electoral success and continue to build on recent local gains – so this office needs to be the beating heart and “mission centre” of their campaigns. As a party that stands for inclusion and fairness, it should be inviting for everyone. A space for ideas to be shared, debates to be held and ultimately success to be celebrated.”

To echo the party’s core values, Peldon Rose opted for an open plan design without any formal barriers to the space. The entry to the office is a large communal space for events and collaboration. People are encouraged to naturally move through the area while at the same time it serves as an agile working space. It is open, transparent and very flexible, providing an elastic and multi-purpose environment.

History in the making

Peldon Rose were also conscious of ensuring that this space reflected the rich history and roots of the party. Gallery walls were used throughout the office to showcase their achievements, party history and values. Peldon Rose made sure that the whole space supports the party’s future ambitions and strategies. Additionally, panelling was used in the library area, as a nod to the original HQ’s architecture in Cowley Street, creating period charm and a “centre of academia” feel to the space.

The colour palette used across the headquarters is instantly recognisable, with accents of the Liberal Democrats’ signature gold paired with complementary earthy green tones. Gold is associated with compassion, courage and wisdom, whilst green represents growth, harmony and ambition – all of which adhere to the aspirational values of the party.

Natural light floods the entire headquarters to help boost the wellbeing and productivity of those who will use the space. In order to maximise the light, dividing walls were removed to allow better exposure to windows and improve access to the wrap-around terrace and impressive panoramic vistas across Westminster and surrounding areas.

Reflection of its people

The design of the office supports a new hybrid style of working, which is a new concept for the party. During the time that members, staff and visitors are in the space they are able work in a way that boosts their productivity and creativity, whether through solo, concentrated working in the library, or using the communal space for collaboration.

The ability to create spaces that reflect different working styles in this way allows individuals to feel supported and trusted, ultimately allowing for a greater sharing of information and ideas. This was crucial for the Liberal Democrats, as they pride themselves on being a voice for those who don’t feel represented in government. Adaptable furniture solutions were introduced to allow for this flexibility.

"We are a forward-thinking party and we wanted our new office to reflect this and to show where we’ve come from, where we are now and where we are going as a Party. The team at Peldon Rose really understood what we wanted to achieve with this space. The new office is a really welcoming, positive space and will be the perfect hub for our election campaigns in the years to come.”

Ed Davey, Leader of the Liberal Democrats
Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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