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An office relocation for Goodman

Goodman is a global property group that owns, develops and manages industrial real estate in 17 countries. Having outgrown their previous office, they relocated their London office to Warwick Street in Soho. It was an opportunity for them to improve their facilities and provide staff with a bright, inspirational environment that would invigorate their people.

Over 5 weeks, we created a new 3,100 sq ft workplace for Goodman that gave their people more diversity in work spaces and provided them with space to grow. We created a Scandi-inspired design that features stylish, minimal finishes and promotes the flow of natural light throughout the space. Having relocated from an office space that didn’t represent their identity, Goodman wanted to integrate their branding and give their people a space they could be proud of.

Large family-style dining table and social space

The Goodman Head Office is based in Australia, and with other offices spread around the world, the London office is frequently visited by staff from their other offices. As well as providing touch down areas for these visitors, the London office needed to feel aligned with the Goodman brand and identity. To achieve this, we worked closely with their international teams to help support their branding and introduce that into key areas of the office.

Future growth was a consideration, so we have allowed enough flexibility in the space for the layout to be reconfigured when Goodman require more space. We provided all new furniture to make the space a lot more homely and relaxing. It was important that their people didn’t feel restricted and had the chance to move away from their desks. Staff have access to a roof terrace and can work agile on the sofas and other informal workspaces.

Light boardroom table and biophilic decoration
Small meeting room featuring biophilic design for Goodman
Goodman's new kitchen and tea point
Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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