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Office refurbishment for a Top 100 Times London law firm

  • 37,000 sq ft
  • Clerkenwell
  • Legal
Project team

Our client is a Times Top 100 law firm specialising in social justice. Inside Clerkenwell’s PANAGRAM building, the confidential law firm occupies seven floors. To advise on, design and deliver future ways of working, the firm invited the Peldon Rose Workplace Strategy and Design & Build teams to support the business navigate 37,214 sq ft of workplace transformation.

The result is an office interior design that is efficient, flexible, and truly represents the law firm’s vision and values.

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Versatile design

Create social hubs through bright, open spaces with multipurpose capacities like this breakout area. Here, different seating options can be used for formal and informal meetings, team lunches, or quiet focus work

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A glass walled meeting room in the middle of a modern office interior design. A soft seating area with a semi-transparent privacy curtain abuts the meeting room, creating multifunctional spaces

Maximising inclusivity and sustainability

Ensuring the space is wholly inclusive was central to the project. The building is DDA compliant throughout, with kitchen and breakout spaces on each floor equipped with worktops that wheelchair users can access. Accessible and gender-neutral toilets on each floor also ensure spaces welcome all.

The fit out is rated SKA Gold, showcasing a sustainability-led design approach, starting with material procurement. Kitchen countertops are made from recycled yoghurt pots to give an impressive marble-like finish, and focus rooms features eco-friendly cork wall tiles with the dual effect of visual interest, and reducing noise travel.

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Collegiate design

Seminar rooms showcase how workplace design is influenced by the education sector, taking cues from schools and universities to promote opportunities for learning

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A seminar room in a contemporary office design, with pink comfortable seats, plants, and multiple AV screens

Considered acoustics

In fact, acoustics were carefully orchestrated throughout the entirety of the workplace. Peldon Rose’s Mechanical and Electrical team carried out a noise reverberation rating, considering speech privacy, performance, background noise, and masking, the art of minimising unwanted sound disturbance. The results informed the installation of acoustic panels which feature against the hard roofing and fan cool units to soften noise travel. Cross talk attenuators are also in place in air ducts, allowing airflow but limiting noise travel between rooms, crucial to preserve confidentiality.

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A breakout area with tv screens and a high collaboration table in a modern office interior design

A dynamic office interior design

Our client’s workplace is inherently dynamic, which allows the employee to choose work settings according to their own preferences and the collective needs of the law firm. To build this versatility into the design, the team created spaces rich in choice, that could be easily adopted by employees at different times throughout the day. From acoustic curtains shadowing the curve of a glass-walled meeting room (giving the option of either an open or private meeting), to large multifunctional tea points with multiple, difference portable seating and furniture options, spaces can be utilised to suit requirements.

View gallery Wall planting and grey timber joinery details in a modern office interior design
View gallery Exposed mechanical and electrical services spray painted duck-egg blue in a contemporary office design

A culture of learning

Recently acquired, the ground and lower ground floors have been especially designed to enhance visitor experience and nurture new talent. Lecture hall-style suites are perfect for teaching sessions, while an inherently agile working environment with a number of breakout zones amplifies opportunities for mentoring and collaborative teamwork. This is encapsulated by the new “Tech Bar”, nestled in a nook adjacent to the lower ground’s open plan – the perfect spot to step away from your desk for collective data-analysis and brainstorming.

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A glass walled meeting room in a modern office interior design, complete with timber floors, stairs, and an indoor tree
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A meeting room in a sleek office interior design, with acoustic panels, sunshine yellow wall detailing, and technology

Form and function

Glass walls are used in abundance throughout the office, maximising light penetration and distinguishing zones from each other without siloing them completely. While each floor has discerning features (such as the lower ground lecture suites and Tech Bar, or the third floor auditorium and generous tea point), the design language is cohesive across all floorplates, best articulated through a colour scheme of soft pinks, teal blues and greys, which can even be found spraypainted on exposed M&E and the gender-neutral toilet doors.

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A bright kitchen in a sleek office interior design, with pastel finishes and a large table for socialising

Change management

To help our client with change management surrounding the new office design, the Workplace Strategy team created a knowledge platform as a one stop shop “microsite”. Here, employees can find all the necessary project information critical for equipping the wider community with the right skills, tools, and information to adapt and adopt to a new building and office design.

The law firm’s new workspace empowers individuals to collaborate, learn, and immerse themselves in working against injustice. It’s a dynamic space, able to flex with the individual and collective needs of the law firm, all wrapped up in an aesthetic that has both elegance and longevity.

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