TomTom and Peldon Rose together again for workplace strategy project in Poland

Leeson Medhurst, Head of Workplace Strategy Workplace strategy
Office meeting room with shelves, soft seating and mood lighting

It’s nothing but a pleasure for us when we continue working with clients throughout the years, watching their development and being a part of what makes it a great company to work for.

TomTom is precisely that – a Client for Life. We’ve worked with TomTom since 2015 in London, Paris, and Belgrade, and we’re delighted that our Workplace Strategy team are partnering with them for their workspace in Łódź, Poland.

At Peldon Rose, our office interior design and build capabilities stretch the world over, and our relationship of over a decade with TomTom is proof that the right relationships make the best work, wherever you are. Take a look at our journey with them so far.

2015: TomTom Euston Tower

TomTom came to us in 2015 with a large project and a tight timescale. Based in 10,000 sq ft in Euston Tower, TomTom wanted a full office refurbishment – with their workforce in situ.

Large boardroom and meeting room for Tom Tom's Euston workplace
Lockers and rubbish bins in an office

2019: TomTom relocates to Camden

Four years later, with strong foundations built, TomTom came back to us for the relocation of their London offices. They wanted to better utilise their space, introduce a more flexible and collaborative workplace, and build on the strong community culture that TomTom have nurtured over the years. Their new home on Whitfield St in Camden balanced industrial and residential elements perfectly, with a clean, modern design and urban details.

Office meeting room with shelves, soft seating and mood lighting
Meeting areas with large tables and hanging plants and lights

2020: TomTom Belgrade

Two years ago, TomTom’s lease in their Belgrade office came to an end, giving them the perfect opportunity to explore other locations in the city and find a new home that accommodated for their growing division in Serbia.

Working with Peldon Rose, TomTom moved into a high-quality space in the green heart centre of Belgrade, whilst also keeping their relationship with their existing landlord, Serbian GTC.

Outside a blue meeting room with a sofa and table plant

2021: TomTom Paris

Our most recent project with TomTom took us to the French Capital. TomTom’s offices adopt the same people-centric approach, and the Paris office was no different. We held workshops with people from across the business to really understand how different teams interact with each other, to create an agile and collaborative workspace that engendered efficiency and community and represented both heritage and individuality.

Office eating area with a French diner design
Two small meeting rooms with soft seating and Eiffel Tower on the wall

2022: Looking ahead to TomTom Łódź

Next stop, Poland! We ticked off another European city for our latest workplace strategy project.

Head of Workplace Strategy Leeson Medhurst said, “With the world of work changing as a result of COVID-19, TomTom wanted to explore their real-estate proposition across the EMEA region. Starting in Poland, the brief was to explore how the business could derive the best from their people and place. Peldon Rose’s Workplace Strategy team undertook a full feasibility exercise to dive into how the business operated locally and through the optic of the user groups, how the new office environment should be built.”

On completion of the strategic analysis, we found the need for a new, smaller space. The project then transitioned into a full principal design piece, working closely with TomTom to realise their strategic objectives and deliver a future-proof environment.”

Learn more about our approach to Workplace Strategy here.

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