Seven refreshingly awesome tea points

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The best parties always happen in the kitchen… so your office tea point, or breakout hub, should provide your workplace with a fun, engaging space that acts as more than just a place to put the kettle and the toaster. The office tea point needs to become an important part of the office space and add value to the people using it. Take a look at seven of our most inspiring tea points and kitchen breakout spaces that we’ve completed in 2017 and see how they positively impact the offices they are in and the people that use them.

1. Fetch

Located in The Tea Building in Shoreditch High Street, Fetch's tea point is in the heart of the space and forms a pulsating community hub for the business. As well as the bespoke joinery for the bench worktop, the tea point is surrounded by benches which creates a relaxed, agile environment for staff lunches and ad hoc meetings. It also provides the perfect place for the impressive breakfast spreads laid on by the team at Fetch.
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2. Kantar Worldpanel

We introduced new ways of working with Kantar Worldpanel when we refurbished their office and created a corner tea point breakout space on two floors to integrate departments and make their office space work smarter. Including bleacher seating, benching, high seating, and beanbags, they are the perfect touch down point for quiet working, breaks and all those meetings that don’t really need a meeting room.
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3. Ragged Edge

The office tea point at Ragged Edge also doubles up as a handy cocktail bar for client events, including Grey Goose. The striking, stripped back minimalist design was developed in collaboration with Michaelis Boyd and includes patterned tile detailing and pendant lighting help to tie the stylish Farringdon-based space together.

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4. Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes are based on Chiswick Park and engagement and wellbeing is a hugely important concept at Chiswick Park. The Baker Hughes tea point has been designed to capture the essence of the business and build a platform for social interaction and collaboration. The communal benches and graphics are incorporated to de-formalise this breakout setting.

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5. TNS

Split over two floors at 6 More London, TNS have two greenhouses that merge the boundaries between tea point and activity hub. As well as providing a place for staff to breakout and make fresh meals and drinks, you can easily take your laptop to work away from your desk or have team meetings. It is also impossible to miss so it provides an excellent meeting point!

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6. MOO

A fresh juice, coffee and snack bar by reception greets everyone at MOO, making them feel instantly welcome and relaxed. This bar is staffed during working hours and plays an essential role in keeping everyone at MOO fed and watered during working hours with their fresh coffee, juices, and delicious lunch options. In addition to this bar, staff also have an extensive kitchen to make their own food and drink, and everyone in the company enjoys a complimentary lunch and treats every Friday.

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7. Office Space in Town Monument

At Office Space in Town Monument, we created a new stunning roof terrace on the 7th floor with incredible views of our great city. Our in-house M&E team reconfigured the services, including removing and relocating a condenser system from the roof and installing new lifts and stairs. By extending the building and creating the new 5,664 sq ft cafe roof terrace, staff and clients have an incredible breakout social space which is now the jewel in their crown.

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