Office maintenance at Chiswick Park

Office maintenance

Our fleet of office maintenance vans will now be even more regular visitors at Chiswick Park providing planned and preventative office maintenance for Pokémon alongside our other clients there including Aker, IMG, Air Plus, HH Saudi and Starbucks.

Having worked in Chiswick Park for a number of years, our in-house mechanical & electrical team have a wealth of experience of the buildings in the park and how to make sure the people, office and facilities can continue to perform effectively. The team are supported by our on-road engineers who carry out our proactive and preventative maintenance checks and manage our 24-hour a day office maintenance service should anything unexpected happen at Chiswick Park. Combined, they are the perfect team to ensure all our clients at Chiswick Park can continue to enjoy working in the stunning business park.

Sally Hayden, Head of Maintenance at Peldon Rose, says: “We are delighted to be adding the offices of Pokémon to our other clients on Chiswick Park. We love visiting the area and look forward to working with all our clients to ensure they have healthy offices and happy people”.

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