How Having Your Own Workplace Benefits Business Culture

“Another day at the office” is a different day for everyone. With co-working spaces, serviced offices and custom-built working spaces – you’re spoilt for choice for workplace designs. Choosing the right one is key, as your workplace influences business culture.

Your options are only set to increase as 2,188 new co-working spaces opened worldwide in 2018. And with a rise in top-class serviced offices too, there has never been a more exciting time for companies to find a home.

What’s important when considering your workplace design?

We’ve all seen Google’s quirky offices, causing others to revamp their workplace trying to outdo each other with stunning designs and gadgets. Adding perks such as a pool table or relaxation room may impress clients and employees, but there’s more to consider when picking your workplace.

First impressions, productivity, brand and company culture are paramount. Your workplace design needs a perfect balance of style and substance to create a working environment that “wows” employees and visitors.

How having your own working space benefits your business culture


Branding is more important than ever. Start-ups may pick a co-working space/serviced office to get up and running (while these are good options) there’s a danger of your brand being overshadowed by the co-working space or serviced office’s brand.

Co-working spaces and shared office spaces invest in their brand as they’re in a competitive field. It takes extra effort to ensure that your brand leaves a stronger impression.

“At the centre of you being you have the answer: you know who you are and you know what you want.” – Lao Tzu

You get to build your brand into every square inch of your workplace when a professional takes care of your design and build. From your front door, reception area, and meeting rooms – you can create an immersive brand experience that visitors won’t forget.


Everyone works differently. Some enjoy the buzz of working at a busy desk, whereas others like to find a quiet spot to get their head down. (...And some may prefer a bit of both!) Co-working spaces and serviced office spaces can be distracting or limiting depending on your team’s setup and preferred way of working.

Co-working spaces are often busy with visitors and events throughout the day. While this adds to the atmosphere, your productivity suffers. The number of meeting rooms and phone booth spaces available should also be considered, should you need them throughout the day.

Productivity is at the heart of an office designer’s plans when they’re exploring workplace designs. A custom office design and build sets you up to produce your best without complications. From layout, colour and maintenance – employees have everything they need to feel great at work.

Client meetings

You always want to make a great first impression, but some things are out of your control. This is the most frustrating thing about not having your own space...

Buildings hosting many companies may have a busy reception and high demand for meeting rooms. So should you or a visitor be running late for a meeting, you might lose your room and be forced to find somewhere else.
You can make the perfect first impression every time when you have your own workplace. Your sign-in process, waiting room design, choice of coffee machine, and the walk taken through the building to the meeting room – it’s all within your control.

You can bank on every client being welcomed the way you want, knowing that you’re not at risk of losing your meeting room or your clients getting distracted by other activities going on.


According to Monster, the average staff turnover rate in the UK is 15%. And the most common reasons for people leaving their jobs all stem from poor company culture.

Another 2017 report from Gallup showed that disengaged workers have 37% higher absenteeism, 49% more accidents and make 60% more errors! If people aren’t engaged, they’re likely to leave.

Every leader knows that a positive business culture fuels everything: productivity, creativity, brand, and employee wellbeing – all the things you want. You can feel a thriving business culture when you walk into one. And that’s what you want every employee, client, investor, and guest to feel when they walk into your workplace.

“Customers will only love a company when the employees love it first.” – Simon Sinek

You can build a positive working culture wherever you work. It just becomes harder when you don’t have control over your workplace design. You can make any interior/exterior changes you need to fuel your business culture when you have a custom-built workplace design.

Employees look at more than a pay check for job satisfaction. Having your own office design and build gives you the luxury to truly differentiate yourself, to build a special environment with a buzz that employees love working from.

Build specialist rooms for work or rest purposes and decorate everything your way. Having your own workplace design makes it easy to cultivate the mood, values and principles that mean something to your company.

Detail shot of brown terazzo worktop with brown leather seating

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