Raconteur's C-suite Agenda June 2024

In the latest edition of Raconteur’s flagship C-suite Agenda Report, and in association with The Times, Head of Workplace Strategy Leeson Medhurst explores why boring offices are sabotaging your business and losing you talent.

Are people and property high enough up your boardroom agenda?

Every business leader knows that people and property are your biggest costs, and equally your biggest assets. We also know that the relationship between the workforce and the workplace is still finding its rhythm in a hybrid-hungry world; somehow, they must work together in symbiosis. Let's discuss how.

Whether you have workplace transformation on the horizon or not, it’s time to get to know your people, and their non-negotiables, for when you do.

See what's on the agenda

Read the full report

See what's on the agenda

Read the full report

In association with The Times, The C-suite Agenda is Raconteur’s flagship report, a blend of expert analysis and insight from business leaders discussing what their peers need to know.

Decision-making in business has become harder – stay ahead of the curve with The C-suite Agenda, June 2024.

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