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19 - 22 Rathbone Place, Soho

IT / Tech,  Media / Marketing is a young business and they’re growing fast. To reflect this, they needed a new and exciting space. They had to relocate their London office to a space which would be versatile to flex as their business evolves.

With promise of rapid growth, the office is a workspace that will be able to adapt with the company. Developing a new office gave us the opportunity to design a positive environment without having to rework an existing workspace. Adding a mix of colourful agile working seating areas and more corporate meeting spaces gives the perfect balance to the office.

Promoting communal seating brings staff together for improved knowledge sharing. The meeting rooms are fitted with writeable walls to offer a more interactive experience for staff to collaborate. Small, private pods are stationed throughout the office to ensure there is always a place to focus and concentrate when needed. These also provide the perfect shelter from the table football and games console zones set up in other parts of the office which maintains the energizing environment to help to keep staff buzzing. Flexible Workspace

Customer satisfaction is an integral part of the business and this is visualised with the giant images of happy customers that can be found throughout the office interior. Combined with their testimonials, it is an excellent way to remind the staff of their successes. Pull Across Curtain Meeting Room Meeting Booth


Many of our clients including Moneysupermarket have retained our services afterwards and we are delighted to be assisting them with planned and preventative building and ongoing support maintenance to ensure the building and teams can continue to operate at optimum levels. Our 24-hour a day maintenance service provides them with complete peace of mind. Open Space Open Office Space Open Office Meeting Room Seating Booth Meeting Room Kitchen Open Office Space Meeting Room
Peldon Rose pitched a practical space solution for our Soho base. True to their word, they delivered an innovative solution on budget. Breakout Space Meeting Room