Technology in the workplace

Technology and innovation

Following our recent Workplace Wellbeing Survey conducted in partnership with The Stress Management Society, here we expand on one of the four initiatives for businesses to help tackle and reduce workplace stress – technology in the workplace.

Most people would agree that technology can increase stress. In fact, our latest survey reports 37% of respondents think that poor and out-dated technology is a leading cause of stress in the workplace. It is important to ensure everyone has the right technology and it works correctly to avoid unnecessary stress in the work environment. For some this may seem unfeasible financially, however paying to correct these issues sooner rather later will mean employees will face less stress inducing issues and save you time, money and effort in the long run.

Technology mobility

Technology is the number one enable of smart working and people being flexible with where they can work in the office – this choice can be a great stress-reliever. For example, having a laptop instead of a desktop, means that individuals can be mobile and work anywhere in the office, with the option to retreat to a quiet zone for some undisturbed work or the kitchen for buzzing inspiration. It is also important that every couple of hours, people can leave their desks for a while to ensure they are not sitting in front of their screens constantly, which is proven to have a detrimental effect on health and wellbeing.

Workplace connectivity

Having the right technology to be mobile is important but excellent Wi-Fi connectivity and accessible plug, network and charging points scattered throughout the office in key areas is essential, so employees can work effectively and efficiently wherever they prefer. It’s also essential that workstation desks are set up with compatible docking stations and necessary equipment, so anyone can quickly come and plug and work. Avoiding downtime is essential for both productivity and stress-avoidance.

Audio-visual experience

Travelling on public transport to and from meetings not only takes a lot of time but can also heighten stress levels. By installing audio-visual, communication and collaboration technology, this may remove some of the need for travelling to meet in person. It can also help bring business and people together if you’re spread over multiple offices (such as our client MOO) which will help increase productivity and support the success of your business.

Technology switch off

Downtime is a key part of everyone’s wellbeing. To support this, businesses should explain to staff that unless it is absolutely vital, they should not send and respond to work emails outside of working hours. This encourages a work life balance, which is vital when trying to enhance wellbeing levels. It allows people to switch off, separate from work and enjoy their personal time.

By following some of the advice above, we hope you’ll be able to use technology to create that work/love balance in your office.

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