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Francesca Gatta-Bowden, Furniture Consultant Furniture, Design

There’s little doubt that we sit too much. Office desks, meeting rooms, public transport, in the car. Oh, and where were you while watching telly last night? Sitting, sitting, and more sitting. The technology we use at work and at home has made us the most sedentary humans in history.

The health implications of all this sitting is obvious – and there are studies out there to prove it. For example, those who sit all day live two years less than those who are more active in their day jobs. And back in the 1950s, a study showed that bus conductors (who stand) had around half the risk of developing heart disease than bus drivers (who don’t).

Standing while working will alleviate back pain and other repetitive stress injuries. Working at a standing desk will keep your core and back muscles engaged throughout the day and improve your posture and a quick Google search will throw up countless other studies and stats to back up the health benefits. But our experience at Peldon Rose has shown it’s better for business too.

A client of ours recently invested in...let’s just a say a substantial number of sit-stand desks. They were looking to recruit the very best in the business and expand quickly. Today they’re over 2,000-strong, having attracted the most coveted talent in their industry.

Now, I’m not saying the standing desks are solely responsible for this success. But if standing during work is better for your health, then it follows that investing in sit-stand desks instantly shows employees that they’re cared for. That their health is of utmost importance. And that can be invaluable.

These kind of top-notch facilities really can attract the strongest candidates. And once there, research shows employees will be more focused and more alert. Standing meetings are shorter, more compact and more productive. Standing gets the creative juices flowing. It fights fatigue. It releases restless energy. It makes employees happier, healthier, and better at their jobs.

So the next time I’m asked why I’m standing at my height-adjustable desk, I’ll face west and sing “think about the place where you work…” and make a mental note to thank Mr Stipe for such good advice.

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