Skiing in Morzine 2017


Holidays with work are not everyone’s idea of fun but at Peldon Rose we go away on a weekend ski trip every January. We feel it’s an important part of helping create a close-knit business and an exciting environment that people want to be a part of.

This year, the ski trip saw us head to the slopes of Morzine, France. The Alpine town was covered in snow for the entire weekend creating the perfect conditions for our 31-strong group of experienced and novice skiers (and our mascot Billy the goat!). Organised by the legend that is Steve Williams and supported by our CEO JP and other members of the Peldon Rose team, everyone came away unscathed and with incredible memories of the beautiful scenery, excellent skiing and questionable dance-floor antics. Everything was taken care of for staff so we could all relax and have a fantastic, memorable adventure with our work pals.

Ramin Ardebili was one of our novice skiers and said “Having recently joined Peldon Rose, the Morzine Ski trip was the perfect opportunity for me to get to know more of the team. Peldon Rose is one big family, from management to support staff and the atmosphere was full of laughter, joy and fun. As I hadn’t skied before, I was keen to see how much I could learn and how far I could push myself. Looking back I realise how over confident I was heading out there but by the end of my three days in Morzine I was proud to have completed a red run (with a few falls of course).

I’d like to thank those who also took time away from flying down the mountains at the speed of sound to keep an eye on us newbies, it was an absolute pleasure to spend a weekend away with the team and I look forward to the next Peldon Rose Ski trip in 2018!”

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