Report launch: Office of the future

Jitesh Patel, CEO

Although the future may be uncertain, it’s clear that the office still has a significant role to play long-term in the working world. To delve deeper into what the future of the office may look like, we teamed up with workplace strategy and employee engagement specialists, WKspace, to commission a data-backed report into current and future workplace trends. Our research explores our relationship with a physical workplace and how it is tied to wellbeing, productivity, and culture of our business.

Accelerating workplace design

As a result, the challenges COVID-19 has presented means designing office space is as exciting as ever. We have always understood the importance of creating agile working environments for clients and we understand the office is so much more than just providing people with a computer and a desk. In many ways, the pandemic is accelerating the process of making businesses think more creatively about the spaces they work from, and that’s the future.

Businesses can’t ignore the power of a well-designed office

Although many businesses are already investing in their offices to attract and retain the best talent, workplace design will become a deciding factor for employees. 66% of respondents stated that a positive and shared vision, purpose, and culture is important when deciding to work for or continue to work for a company.

Ultimately, investing in a workplace that makes employees feel good and reflects the values and vision of the organisation, will benefit the business in the long-term by supporting productivity, talent attraction and retention and employee wellbeing.

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