Reinvent your office, don’t relocate

Relocating your office can be a disruptive, time consuming and costly affair so, before deciding to move, we recommend seeing if you can reinvent your workplace with these tips:

Removing permanent desks

Introducing hot desks was a key trend in 2015, with companies only providing dedicated desks for those who really need it, and those who only work part of the week in the office being allocated hot desks or agile work breakout areas. This frees up valuable floor space which can then be used as new multi-purpose breakout areas for permanent staff or touch down points for transient workers.

Go digital

Going paperless may not be possible for your business, but you can dramatically reduce the amount of storage space housing archives, contracts or paper by going digital.

Cloud-based IT systems and mobile devices can also replace server rooms and free up valuable office space. Better yet, these systems allow employees to compile or access files securely online from anywhere, helping improve the efficiency and connectivity of business.

Out in the open

Whilst it’s important to provide some secluded spaces for employees, walls and partitions take up space, block natural light and make interiors feel smaller so consider which are essential and which can be removed.

Open plan working can contribute to productive and collaborative work practices and create a healthy atmosphere. For quiet workspaces for employees to concentrate in or retreat to, you can still create an open plan environment by replacing old walls with glass panels. This also helps natural light flow around the office, boosting staff wellbeing and reducing the need for artificial light.

How many meetings?

There is no doubt most businesses have formal meeting rooms which are underutilised and wasting precious office space. Analyse these spaces to see how many people are using them and how often – you’ll be surprised how little they’re used for their intended purpose.

Remove and replace these formal meeting rooms with a range of multi-purpose meeting spaces which are great for informal quick meetings, quiet working or a break from your desk.

Innovative office furniture and fittings are key here so spaces can be quickly and easily reconfigured to create truly multipurpose areas. Furniture such as standing meeting tables here are ideal to help ensure meetings are energetic and quick.

Clear up

A spring-clean is good, but every season should bring a review of what’s important to keep. Cluttered desktops, cupboards and walkways make any office feel small and unloved, so install recycling bins and actively encourage staff to keep their work areas minimalist, clean and tidy.


Adding lockers, filing cabinets and other storage will help facilitate hot desk working and encourage staff to keep desk tops clear of clutter. Staff will also be able to locate items quickly and efficiently and visitors will be gain a good impression.

Storage walls are also a great space to be creative with stunning vinyl graphics.

Detail shot of brown terazzo worktop with brown leather seating

Start your workplace transformation today.

Your workplace holds enormous potential to improve your business performance. Get in touch today, and we will unlock that potential together.