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Putting purpose behind our passions

Georgia Nogas, Senior Project Designer Video, Culture, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

We all have our passions in life, they energise us and bring a sense of excitement and when doing what you love, it can create a feeling of empowerment. At Peldon Rose, we are always looking for ways to unlock our people’s potential and encourage them to bring what they love to the business - even if it is our Head of Landlord, Kevin Wither’s, passion for golf… (watch this space)!

Through providing a springboard and the space to introduce their passion to Peldon Rose, we have seen some incredible ideas and initiatives brought into the business. Connections have been created, thought provoking conversations started, and most significantly a sense of purpose and empowerment felt. Watch the video to hear from Georgia Nogas, Senior Project Designer, Dan Emery, Head of Marketing, and Harriet Browne, Marketing and Communications Executive.

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