Positive Spaces with Interface and Friends of the Earth

Wellbeing, Design

Peldon Rose are delighted to star alongside our client Friends of the Earth for the launch of the Interface Positive Spaces campaign. The campaign looks at the clear and measurable link between the way an office space is designed and the well-being and productivity of workers.

Together with Interface, we’ve long believed that the design of an office space should be focused on enhancing the mood, productivity and creativity of those using it. Positive design is about making a space which is flexible enough to deal with the constant evolution of the space.

Biophilic design was key in achieving a positive space for Friends of the Earth. In addition to plenty of natural light, views out onto nature and a live moss wall, we included carpet tiles from Interface’s nature-inspired Urban Retreat range to create textured grass and sandy desert, and flooring from their sustainable Net Effect range to capture the moment when sea foam reaches the shore. Around the iceberg meeting room, we used the Interface carpet tiles to add the illusion of light moving through water. The whole effect is a unique ‘round the world’ flooring design, highlighting the charity’s global reach from the tropical rainforests to the Arctic.

Eilish Kavanagh, Director of People, Culture & Inclusion commented: “We wanted to move to an office that would give us a much more flexible and positive space with a colourful, fun and inspiring design. The result is an office space that’s amazing to work in, and where you really feel you’re contributing to change”.

You can view the full article and view the video starring our Project Director Steve Taylor on the Interface website. You can also view our Beautiful Thinking biophilic campaign with Interface here.

Detail shot of brown terazzo worktop with brown leather seating

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