Peldon Rose’s Tash Hewlett joins Sustainable Design Collective

Tash Hewlett, Senior Project Designer Sustainability, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Design

World temperatures are rising, the Earth’s resources are being used faster than they can be replaced, and extreme weather is increasingly being linked to climate change.

Everyone has a role to play in combatting the climate crisis, both as individuals and by working together. In the world of design and construction this is especially true. The construction sector is responsible for approximately 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions (WBCSD 2018) and it’s important that the sector works to address this. One think tank committed to tackling these issues head on is the Sustainable Design Collective.

What is the Sustainable Design Collective?

Set up by Women in Office Design, a global networking group for women in the industry, the SDC is committed to identifying developments and sustainable best practice within workplace design.

The purpose of the collective is to promote and applaud achievements, and importantly, to create a forum for knowledge sharing. The group represents the full scope of the office interior design sector including architects, manufacturers, suppliers and sustainability experts.

Joining this team of industry experts is Peldon Rose’s, Tash Hewlett, Senior Project Designer whose passion for sustainable workplace has influenced her designs for MS Society and Sopra Steria.

Speaking about the SDC, Tash said: “Sustainability should be important to everyone, but I feel education is so vital and as designers it’s our place to make a difference. The sharing of information within the SDC is such invaluable knowledge that when I had this opportunity to join the collective, I jumped at the opportunity. Being surrounded by an incredible group of humans with the same drive as mine is very rewarding, and hopefully we can have an influence on the sustainability within the construction industry.”

Coming together once every eight weeks, each of the SDC meetings involves presentations and discussions of research and findings on a particular topic. With a mission to connect, engage and inspire, the Collective believes that collaboration is essential to accelerate the pace of change and we can’t wait to see what they manage to .

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