Peldon Rose in Raconteur's C-suite Agenda

Danielle Emery, Head of Marketing Workplace strategy

Distributed in The Times, Raconteur's C-suite agenda offers business leaders thoughts, ideas and solutions to some of business' biggest challenges.

In this latest edition, alongside insights from the likes of AXA Health, and Waitrose, Head of Strategy Leeson Medhurst asks executives whether people and property are high enough up their boardroom agenda.

Every business leader knows that people and property are your biggest costs, and equally your biggest assets. We also know that the relationship between the workforce and the workplace is still finding its rhythm in a hybrid-hungry world; somehow, they must work together in symbiosis.

Whether you have workplace transformation on the horizon or not, Leeson suggests it’s time to get to know your people, and their non-negotiables, for when you do. Take a look at Leeson's article here.

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