Peldon Rose CEO Jitesh Patel has been included in Grant Thornton’s ‘Faces of a Vibrant Economy’

Sustainability, Technology and innovation

Composed of 100 inspiring individuals that have been chosen for their contributions to creating innovative and sustainable business environments, these forward-thinking leaders are responsible for playing a central role towards a more vibrant economy. Jitesh Patel, or JP as he is known around the office, was delighted to be included on the list.

The ‘Faces of a Vibrant Economy’ collects 100 of the most inspiring and innovative individuals from across the country and from across all sectors. Grant Thornton selects them from companies which contribute to creating a more vibrant economy through the work they do.

Throughout the 100 faces, there is a wide-spread of influences and factors that affect how these positive changes are implemented on a daily basis. JP is always quick to attribute the success of the business to its people – a value which is also communicated through all of the projects undertaken by Peldon Rose.

JP said that “beautifying the interior to improve workers’ productivity and wellbeing is something that is increasingly discussed and acted on by C-suite executives.” This focus on staff welfare and employee happiness is at the core of the business and something JP is proud to ensure flows throughout all of the work Peldon Rose carries out.

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