Meet Ian Horstead, Head of Client Focus

Ian Horstead, Head of Client Focus at Peldon Rose discusses how as businesses evolve over time, the workplace environment needs to adapt with it – with zero impact on the employee.

Tell us about your career journey

My career in interior construction started in the last millennium. I joined Peldon Rose to support the project management team with running the office, this was back in 1996 when Peldon Rose were based Kingston-Upon-Thames, I was just leaving my teens if I remember correctly...

I was unsure what career choice I was taking at the time; it was accidental to end up in construction. Latching on to various departments in my early years, the lure of IT always interested me, AutoCAD was an opportunity presented to me which I jumped at, it was a great five year relationship where I had established myself within the design team.

After a short break of almost 17 years, I was focussing my efforts on various interior design roles within the design and build sector, and the traditional contracting market in Surrey and London. I’m now back with the Peldon Rose family, heading up the client focus team who look after our existing client relationship.

What attracted you [back to] to Peldon Rose?

I’ve always had something at the back of my mind of ‘unfinished business’ at Peldon Rose. A sense of gratitude maybe for giving me the opportunity to start my career in the industry. There is also the unique culture of the business, which hasn’t changed since I left in 2001, one of togetherness - it’s a wonderful thing.

What does the Client Focus team do? How do you add value?

A newly formed team in 2018, the Client Focus team looks after our existing client base. Businesses evolve over time and the need to accommodate changes within the office environment change with it – we’re here to ensure those changes, no matter the size or complexity, are completed with minimal impact to the end user – the clients employees. Our team is agile, and the majority of our work is conducted over weekends to ensure successful delivery.

Do you have to be an existing client of Peldon Rose to work with the client focus team?

When building the team, I was given the brief - look after our clients. This has been our mindset ever since, we are only committed to our existing clients so we remain focussed on them 100% of the time, seeking new opportunities would cause distraction.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

What a question, so many answers! I enjoy seeing my team develop as we educate ourselves continuously. We work with an impressive client base, covering a multitude of different business types, sizes, and sectors. I could be installing a climbing wall one week and overseeing the installation of a graffiti wall the next. It’s really varied – the team and I love it.

How can Client Focus support businesses through the current climate?

As the government guidance changes and we are seeing a continuous relaxation of the Covid-19 lockdown, we are noticing several businesses preparing for a phased return to the workplace in an effort to provide some sort of normality.

This is where our team comes in - we are able to assist and provide a safe environment, from risk assessments to signage, or screens on desks to just a discussion over the phone to run through some ideas, were here to support our clients in getting their offices ready for safe return of their workforce.

What does good look like for Client Focus?

We take pride in ensuring the impression we leave with each client; we thrive when our work is successful and enjoyable. We build client for life relationships.

Meet the Client Focus team here.

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