Know your numbers! Week 2022

Josephine de Klerk, People & Talent Manager Culture, Wellbeing
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As a part of our employee wellbeing strategy, we are taking part in Know Your Numbers! Week, which is the UK's biggest blood pressure testing and awareness event. This year is the 22nd anniversary of Know your Numbers! Week and takes place from Monday 5 Friday 11 September 2022. Throughout the week we are offering professional blood pressure measurements and advice from a healthcare professional to all our employees.

Executive Assistant Mary Ali explains “Looking after our employees is very important to me personally, and is a part of our people, culture and wellbeing business wide strategy. We host a lot of fun activities and events within Peldon Rose, and it is equally important to provide time and space for people to monitor their health. This week, for Know your numbers! week, we are offering a health MOT which includes taking measurements of bloody pressure, heart rate, BMI, blood cholesterol and blood glucose levels. We’re not always aware of what our important vital statistics are, whether it be high blood pressure, or high cholesterol, and having this knowledge can really save lives.”

What is Know Your Numbers Week?

Know your Numbers week is a campaign to raise awareness to the importance of knowing your blood pressure statistics and how to modify your lifestyle if necessary. Home monitoring offers a way for your to take control of your health, feel confident, and take the pressure off the NHS at the same time. It gives you a practical way to Know Your Numbers! without visiting your GP or pharmacist, and it really can save lives.

Why is knowing your blood pressure statistics important?

High blood pressure can lead to heart attacks, strokes and other illnesses. Once you Know Your Numbers! you can get support to bring your blood pressure under control and prevent these diseases.
Around a third of people in the UK have high blood pressure, but most don’t know it. It doesn’t have any symptoms so, the only way to find out is to have a blood pressure check.

Measure. Modify. Manage.

This year’s key message for is: Measure. Modify. Manage.

  • Measure your blood pressure to see if it’s under control
  • Modify your lifestyle if necessary
  • Manage your blood pressure and your health

Feedback from the team

Head of Marketing and Communications Danielle Emery shares her experience of knowing your numbers “Naively, I really didn’t take any notice of my statistic until discovering I had high blood pressure late in pregnancy and it took a long time to come down afterwards. Thankfully it’s settled, but I have to monitor my caffeine. I was a classic ‘didn’t think it would be me’ type person but goes to show how it really can effect any of us, and I’m grateful to have this provided in the workplace to ensure I can stay on top of it.”

Find out more about you can get involved here.

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