Key office design trends for 2019


As 2018 draws to a close, we report on what we expect to see more of in the new year. This includes an ever-growing focus on work mindfulness and wellbeing, sustainability and biophilic design, exercise in the workplace, and more open plan offices which support activity-based working.

Work mindfulness and wellbeing

An increasing focus on work mindfulness and wellbeing will continue as employees seek greater support for their mental health in the workplace. Providing a variety of spaces for people to select where to work from will be key and within this will be the quiet spaces to retreat to. More consideration of Introverts and acoustics will continue.

Sustainability and biophilic design

The rise of the eco-friendly office which incorporates biophilic design will continue as conscious-minded employees expect more from their workplace. From embracing nature and natural light with biophilia, to sourcing furniture responsibly, the workplace will work smarter to show it cares for the planet and everyone who works in the office.

Exercise in the workplace

2018 saw clients enhancing their wellbeing facilities to encourage their staff to be more physically active and exercise more in the workplace. From encouraging people to cycle to work by installing bike racks, showers and changing rooms, to creating quiet spaces for yoga and Pilates, we see a healthy future in store for people in the office of 2019.

Open plan offices and activity-based working

Human interaction will continue as a key necessity for effective teamwork and mental wellbeing with well-considered open plan office design leading the way. The office will be a place where people come together to socialise, work, collaborate, play, study, produce and create in. Activity-based working will generate a greater sense of harmony within the office and actively promote positive behaviours such as collaboration, focused working, socialising, community sharing and a sense of purpose.

Detail shot of brown terazzo worktop with brown leather seating

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