Is a ready-to-work office right for your business?

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In recent years, the world of workplace has undergone a profound shift, mirroring the evolving needs of modern businesses amidst the advent of flexible and hybrid working models. Ready-to-work spaces have emerged as a compelling option, offering a rapid solution alongside adaptability and convenience to businesses navigating an ever-changing business landscape.

Startups and SMEs (small to medium enterprises with fewer than 250 employees) require more flexibility than ever, but still desire a place to call home. Recognising that the prospect of an office relocation can be overwhelming, particularly when your space no longer meets your team's needs, ready-to-work schemes provide not only an immediate, practical solution but also a promise of enhanced efficiency, security and comfort.

None the less, a decision should be made well-informed, with all avenues considered. So, read on to find out whether a ready-to-work scheme could suit you.

A large minimalistic wooden table and chairs fill a kitchen and office tea point area
A reception area complete with sofas and a coffee table is situated next to stained-glass windows

What is ready-to-work?

A ready-to-work office is a functional and simple way of moving to a workplace that is fitted out and furnished, ready to use from the moment you step inside. These spaces have strong concept behind their design, telling a story of the building's heritage or of the local area, and will still allow for small personalisations if you wish to, without significant investment or delays to business operations.

Questions to ask before you make a decision

When considering whether a ready-to-work space is right for your business, it's crucial to ensure it aligns with your needs and goals. Here are some key questions to consider:
• What are your specific space requirements?
• How much time do you have? What’s your ‘lights on’ date?
• What amenities are essential to the team? What is non-negotiable?
• What level of privacy and security does your business require?
• What is your budget?
• How flexible do your lease terms need to be?
• What purpose does the office bring to your business?

Ready-to-work vs private office

Usually, a business’ decision to lease a ready-to-work space, instead of securing their own space and undertaking an office fit out, will be ruled by cost and time; if you’re unable to wait for a fit out to be completed, or are working with a limited budget, it could be that a ready-to-work space is going to be the more fitting option.

SMEs which have a little more time to consider how their workplace can support their long-term business goals and nurture their workforce, may instead want to consider their own space, with a bespoke design and fit out.

Equally, if you’re in, a period of growth, you may require a space that gives you flexibility to add more people to your team, whilst also developing strong brand and cultural identity within the walls of your environment to encourage community and provide your office with a further, meaningful purpose. Here, a tailored office interior design will support your business ambition ahead of a ready-to-work scheme.

What type of business is ready-to-work most suitable for?

Ready-to-work schemes are suitable for a variety of growing businesses with an occupancy of 10 to 100. Start-ups moving from a traditional co-working or shared office space, who are outgrowing what these environments can provide, and are striving for ‘their own front door’ can find this in a ready-to-work scheme. It’s, a place to call home, and to provide additional wellbeing, health and safety provisions for employees.

Is a private space right for your business?

Is having a private office space what’s right for your business? A lengthy lease can be a significant investment for a start-up or young business, but nonetheless a valuable one. It offers you the freedom to totally personalise your space, to create a tailored destination from a blank canvas that perfectly aligns with your company brand and business identity. It's a powerful way to send a clear statement to your employees and stakeholders about who you are and what you stand for through workplace design.

How can you personalise a ready-to-work space?

There are plenty of ways you can personalise a ready-to-work space. Whilst these spaces are designed for you to be able to plug in, and get to work on arrival, you can still add a touch of personality. We’ve crafted designs that are bespoke to each business, feature design quirks that nod to the area the office is located in, or the history behind a certain element of a client’s story. Combining a people-centric approach with exceptional office interior design, we’ve created ready-to-work spaces for Mount Anvil at The Silk District and for Brewers’ Company at 14 Aldermanbury Square.

Will you need to purchase furniture?

Ready-to-work schemes come complete with furniture provided by the landlord. Everything you need is there from the moment you move in; desks, chairs, break-out spaces, meeting room equipment and technology, the space is quite literally ‘ready-to-work’.

The image is a close up shot of two comfortable chairs and a coffee table, in the arrival area of an office
The image shows a sunny office interior, with glass meeting walls and cool tables and chairs

Ready-to-work spaces present a compelling option for businesses seeking functional, hassle-free work environments. Whether you're a start-up looking for your own space to grow into, or a larger firm seeking autonomy and customisation options, there's a solution tailored to your requirements. Ready-to-work schemes offer furnished setups and flexibility, making them an attractive choice for businesses of various sizes. If you're considering a move to a ready-to-work space or have any questions about finding the right fit for your business, let’s chat about how we can help transform your workspace to achieve your goals.

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