Introducing our 2022/23 cohort of design interns

Josephine de Klerk, People & Talent Manager Culture, Education
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Investing in the future of the design and build industry is important to us, and that’s why we’re committed to our design internship programme which is successfully in its sixth year.

We welcome students from Nottingham Trent University’s renowned design school, offering them a 12-monthplacement where they can gain experience in the world of work and develop their skills working in the design and build industry.

We’re excited to welcome four interns to Sterling House this year, with Emily Taylor-Bould, Izzie Simpson, Joe Haywood and Abi Wardell who joined the team in June 2022. We sat down with the group one month into their placement to talk about their first impressions of the industry, what they would like to learn and what they’re looking forward to.

Tell us about your first month at Peldon Rose?

Emily: It’s been exciting, I’ve really enjoyed getting stuck into everything. Coming from doing lots of conceptual work at university, getting hands on experience in the industry is really eye opening – it’s already giving me an idea of what I can look forward to after I graduate.

Izzie: We’ve done so much in such a short period of time; it’s been very interesting. Everyone in the business has been so friendly, which is making settling in easier!

Joe: It’s my first time working in a workplace like this, I chose my course at university specifically because of the placement year, and everyone has been really welcoming, they’ve helped to make the transition from university to the business easy.

Abi: It can be quite overwhelming being in a professional environment for the first time, but as the others have said, everyone at Peldon Rose has been very welcoming and accommodating and have made the transition easier for us.

What attracted you to Peldon Rose?

Emily: We’d heard a lot of good things from our tutors, and from other alumni who had completed an internship with Peldon Rose. Even just coming in for interviews, we got a feel for the environment and could see how welcoming everyone was.

Izzie: Workplace design has always been an industry that’s interested me, so a placement at Peldon Rose fitted me well, and as Emily said, a lot of alumni at our university recommended the business to us and spoke highly of it.

Joe: Originally, it was one of my tutors that recommended a placement at Peldon Rose, but when I did some further research and came in on the interview day the business really stood out to me. It’s such a communal environment, people focussed and that’s exactly what I was looking for.
Abi: There are so many teams under one roof at Sterling House, so you get to see people doing everything from costing to visualisation to workplace strategy. I felt like this was a business where I’d be able to develop a good understanding of how the industry works.

What do you want to learn about the design and build industry during your internship?

Emily: We don’t do much group work at university, so I’m keen to get some real-life experience working as part of a team, whether that’s in the design studio, out on pitches or working with clients.

Izzie: I want to know more about what it’s like working with clients and going out on pitches; how a design becomes a reality.

Joe: I’d like to learn more about how a project comes together from start to finish, and how financial practicalities influence a design.

Abi: We don’t spend much time on the practical materials side of the industry at university, so I’d like to learn more about that ahead of my final year.

What are your first impressions of design and build industry?

Emily: My first impressions of Peldon Rose have been very positive, Sterling House is a great environment to work in and everyone is so enthusiastic. I’m already learning more about the industry, and all the work that goes into a project to bring a design to life.

Izzie: Seeing how passionate everyone is about the work they do is a great introduction to the industry and being in an environment where people share that energy is inspiring.

Joe: The thing that stands out about Peldon Rose is how collaborative it is – everyone pitches in, and everyone gets on and enjoys working with each other too. As an intern, that’s great, because it means that it’s easy to ask questions when there’s something you want to know more about.

Abi: At university we were told how stressful working in the industry can be, but Peldon Rose has such a friendly atmosphere, and everyone is so supportive, which alleviates that. Working with people that you get on well with makes you feel more confident, and for an internship that’s great.

Why is workplace design so important?

Emily: Since the pandemic, it’s been more important than ever to make the workplace a place that employees want to come to. It’s not just about table and chairs, it’s about the feel of the space and whether it makes people feel good about where they’re working.

Izzie: Working in a well-designed workplace that functions well is so important, it drives the creativity and productivity of the people in it. A workplace should be somewhere that people enjoy being, and it should reflect the business that leaves a lasting positive impression on visiting clients too.

Joe: Now more than ever businesses are thinking about how they can attract their employees back to the workplace. Creating an environment that supports their wellbeing and motivates them is key – if the people around you are happy, then it’s likely that you’ll be happy to, and in a workplace, I think that’s even more important.

Abi:. Coming from university, I’ve seen the importance of separating your work life from your home life, so going into the workplace and being around other people is important. Covid has accelerated the innovations being made in office design, and we can use that to create space where people want to work.

What are you looking forward to about working at Peldon Rose?

Emily: Learning more about the industry and getting proper hands-on experience, but also meeting new people and having fun!

Izzie: Getting experience in the industry that I can take back to my final year of university and into a future career.

Joe: Working in an environment where there are people that I can learn from, working with professionals in the industry and gaining experience,
Abi: Can I say everything? Overall, I think, being in a creative space with all these people that I can learn from.

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