How to build a happy office through sport

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This summer is a big season for sporting events. With Wimbledon championships a few weeks away and the 2018 Russia World Cup running until Sunday 15 July, sports are going to be a big topic of conversation across offices. Let’s be honest, people will find a way to follow their team no matter what, so why not take this opportunity to promote your company culture and inspire a more social work environment?

Building a happier workforce

Last summer, we conducted our bi-annual Happy Office Survey which explored the positive effects of seasonal perks in the office. 42% of employees said that their current office environment did not have a positive impact on their happiness, with only 36% enjoying coming to work each day. So how can we use events like the World Cup and Wimbledon to increase staff happiness and inspire workers to take more of an active role in the company culture?

One of the main factors that keeps employees happy in the workplace is the opportunity to build positive relationships with their peers and their boss. By gathering in the office to watch a game, you’re building valuable relationships and trust amongst workers. This is why the communal spaces in your office are so important – employees need to a place where they can relax, bond with colleagues and be part of wider team events.

Embracing sporting events in the office

66% of people surveyed said they would spent more time in the office if facilities for bonding were provided. Whether this is a stylish kitchen or a more laid-back multipurpose area, providing an area where people can unwind during a busy day is important for the mental wellbeing of your workers. By encouraging your staff to enjoy the festivities of seasonal sporting events, you’re rewarding them for their hard work and promoting office bonding. Trust us, they’ll appreciate the opportunity to merge their interests with their work environments.

If you have a cosy communal space and in-house facilities to broadcast the games, then you could throw a themed party with refreshments which will earn you lots of points from your staff and create a positive atmosphere. Little gestures like this show your employees that you share their interests and want to promote collaboration and communication.

Investing in a comfortable communal hub in your office is not only important for your staff, but it also plays an important role in day-to-day business activities. By transforming the office into a fun, social space, you build a stronger company culture and a happier workforce – and you’ll get to follow along with the phenomenon of the games too.

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