Peldon Rose’s furniture team visit Ondarreta, a hidden gem of northern Spain

Amelia Shelbourne, Graduate Furniture Consultant Furniture, Culture, Design

Nestled within the northern coastline of Spain, Ondarreta crafts furniture that bring people closer together, establish links and strengthen relationships. Founded by Maria Luisa Galardi more than 45 years ago, now run and managed by daughters Nora and Nadia Arratibel Galardi, Ondarreta’s contemporary woodwork pieces transcend function and beauty.

In October, some of Peldon Rose’s furniture team took a trip to Ondarreta’s factory near Donostia-San Sebastián to learn more about the brand while experiencing some of the delights that the local area had to offer.

Welcome to the world of Ondarreta

On the two-day trip, I was joined by Furniture Consultants Tom Davies and Francesca Gatta-Bowden for an introduction to the world of Ondarreta. Our experience began with an insight into the manufacturing process, where we enjoyed a tour around steel and wood factories before a trip to Ondarreta’s own factory in Guipúzcoa.

Venturing behind the scenes of production demonstrated the level of time, craftsmanship and care goes into the making of each piece. From lounge chairs, to benches, tables and storage solutions, we discovered that all pieces are designed to reduce the carbon impact throughout the entire product cycle. Careful attention is given to the use of raw materials, while packaging, transport, and excess is minimised through the use of local suppliers and recycled, and recyclable materials.

The quality of Ondarreta’s furniture collections really shone as we explored various showrooms that feature their pieces. At the brand’s own showroom, Nadia, who heads up Ondarreta’s design team, described the creative process that develops the designs, founded in a respect for artisanal tradition combined with a lively, vibrant style.

Next came product training, which included a workshop, to explain the various qualities and features of each product. Now, when we specify furniture to clients, we can simultaneously describe the creative inspiration behind the pieces as well as the functional benefits they provide. We also enjoyed an exclusive preview of the new range of products that’ll be released later this year.

Between immersing ourselves in the world of Ondarreta, we explored the local area and the Spanish influences of design. Of course, a trip to Spain wouldn’t be complete without enjoying some local cuisine. We headed to a cooking class before feasting on the outcomes of our efforts.

As we headed home, we reflected on our time spent with one of the furniture world’s treasures. Ondarreta is a brand that combines timeless structures with contemporary tones and finishes. The earthy, minimalist look and feel offers some of the most usable, versatile options for furniture, whether that be in office interior design or in the home. My favourite piece was Ondarreta’s ‘Ginger’ table, which combines contemporary and craftsmanship. Working with different furniture designers, manufacturers and suppliers, I look forward to learning more about how furniture pieces enhance and complement interior design, with a newfound appreciation for the entire product lifecycle.

Detail shot of brown terazzo worktop with brown leather seating

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