Designing a modern office interior

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In 2018, when it comes to office design, the possibilities are endless. In the modern office, there are so many more options and so many new design styles to take advantage of than there were even 5 or 10 years ago – so when you’re designing, refurbishing, or moving your office, it’s important to deliver the best design solution for your business both in its current state, and by designing for the future.

How can room colour affect mood?

In the past, offices have been bluntly functional spaces without much personality beyond perhaps a plant or some pieces of artwork.

At Peldon Rose, we have always understood that the office is so much more than just providing people with a computer and a desk. More and more, businesses are thinking more creatively about the spaces they work from, and that a carefully considered and well-designed workplace can able business to achieve their wider goals and objectives.

In a modern workplace, there’s a lot more focus on the use of colour, design, and even furniture to enforce the right moods and feelings in both your staff and any clients who might visit. Creating the right environment in your office is key to integrating your core business values with the personality and brand of your business.

Brighter colours can inspire more energetic moods, and natural lighting can help promote wakefulness better than a less comfortable fluorescent glow. Plants and naturalist structures can develop an open office into a biophilic space, and can bring more life to your work.

An agile style of working

With technology shrinking and becoming more mobile, fixed desk spaces aren’t as much a necessity, and it’s possible to take more advantage of sofas, breakout areas, and open-plan hot desking options to create opportunities for organic collaboration. Providing casual areas where employees can chat, find space for their thoughts, or get away from their desks opens up a new world of communication and movement that can pay dividends in morale and productivity.

Each company has their own needs when it comes to their working space. There is no one-size-fits-all office plan, so we’ll look at how these and other cutting edge options can best be used in your office area and how you can develop your modern office interior to improve efficiency and morale.

What’s the best office layout?

Cubicle or cellular office layouts used to be popular in the 60s and 70s, but the modern office interior leans more towards open-plan, agile styles and flexible workspaces. Collaboration and wellbeing in the office is more important than ever before, and design styles are constantly evolving to support that need.

Depending on your business needs, you might find that a combination of private spaces and an open-plan area provide the right level of separation and focus for your workers. Alternatively, a completely open-plan or fully private office area might support your business better. Our Workplace Strategy team begin by getting under the skin of your business, we take on board your team’s working habits and identify how your space can support you.

We’ll work with you to immerse ourselves into the workings of your business, and provide design concepts that’ll make the most of the space you have available.

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