Creating a healthy, productive workforce

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Ahead of Stress Awareness Week 2018, we partnered with the Stress Management Society to survey workplace-based workers nationwide, asking them about stress and wellbeing in the workplace.

We gathered some interesting responses, and although they highlighted some concerning trends, we were able to put together a plan to help create a healthy and productive workforce.

Creating a healthy, productive workforce

Evaluating and reforming the workplace is an essential first step for businesses that want to maintain a healthy, productive workforce. Working with the Stress Management Society, we have outlined four key initiatives for businesses to help reduce stress in the workplace and improve employees’ mental wellbeing.

Encouraging exercise at work

Our survey found that 50% of workers would like to see facilities that encourage exercise in their workplace.

Our recommendation to employers is to carry out a workplace assessment to identify underutilised spaces that could be transformed into spaces which enable exercise, such as shower and changing facilities, like those included in Nicoll Curtin’s workplace.

Creating mindful spaces in the workplace

Meditation is a proven method of reducing stress and promoting mindfulness, yet over half (54%) of those who responded to our survey said that their employer did not support mindfulness or meditation.

Promoting meditation and other methods of relaxation are a benefit to businesses, improving employees’ levels of stress and ensuring productivity. Incorporating spaces to promote mindfulness, including relaxation zones and quiet areas, can help to encourage this, such as those incorporated into Mind’s new workplace. Bringing nature into the workplace through biophilic design, such as plants, daylight, and natural materials, should also be considered.

Making use of workplace technology

A third (37%) of workers cite ‘poor, slow or out-of-date technology’ as a leading cause of workplace stress. Investing in technology that supports employees allows them to work more effectively, efficiently, and freely in the workplace, and a good example of this is Moo’s workplace Providing employees with a laptop and ensuring a strong WiFi connection in the workplace helps to ensure everyone is mobile and can choose where they want to work around the office.

Engaging your greatest asset

With 95% of workers stating their physical work environment is important for their wellbeing and mental health, businesses must understand what is and isn’t working for employees in the workplace. Workplace Consultancy will help businesses ensure money is invested wisely in the things employees need to live a happy and productive life in the office. Engage your greatest asset – your people.
View the Workplace Wellbeing Survey results.

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