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Our newly assembled Workplace Strategy team will work closely with business leaders to gain a thorough understanding of business objectives, current performance, and business aspirations to develop bespoke evidence-based design and occupational strategies.

Working with the team, clients can expect a comprehensive analysis of their current working conditions – from physical elements such as size, location and facilities within the workplace, right through to behavioral factors including use of space, employee needs and business culture, to assess workspace performance and effectiveness.

Leeson Medhurst, Head of Workplace Strategy team at Peldon Rose, said: “I will be leading this team through an everchanging workspace landscape, the past 12-months has turbo-charged the workplace conversation and we have seen the development in attitudes from “the office is dead” at the beginning of the pandemic, to the realisation that the key to maintaining and fostering business culture and employee wellbeing is through a shared space. As an industry we must not kid ourselves that clients must have an office. Attitudes have changed, brought on by the effects of Covid-19. The role of my team is to demonstrate why our clients should want an office, and by doing so enables them to do things better”

Our new in-house workplace consultancy team will work seamlessly with the rest of our design and build teams, strengthening our end-to-end offering.

Jitesh Patel, CEO at Peldon Rose concludes, “Difficult market conditions across the board mean that real-estate will have to deliver more than ever for businesses. We’ve seen the pandemic accelerate existing trends within workspaces - technology and a focus on agile working means our offices will increasingly become a space for collaboration, development and socialising. Our investment in our workplace strategy team puts us in an ideal position to give clients the consultancy they need throughout the design and build process, ensuring they get a real return on investment from the workspace.”

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