Biophilic design in the heart of Soho

Biophilia, Sustainability

We are currently on site with the Cat B design and fit out of the first floor of Waverley House on Noel Street. The office is a 10,000 sq ft space and the fit out will be delivered over a 6-week programme. Central Soho is the original epicentre of advertising and media so we wanted this office design to be an inspiring work space that encourages collaboration between teams and drives a more agile working culture.

We have worked closely with the client team to understand the types of spaces their people want, and which type of working environment will benefit their business most. To create a relaxing, sensory environment, we have incorporated a variety of biophilic design elements to bring the outside in. Even though their teams will be in the centre of Soho, they will still be able to connect with nature. By introducing plant life, living moss walls and natural materials, we have designed a space that will be help enhance staff wellbeing. Part of our design concept includes an indoor park space which is the designated relaxation space so there is an environment which allows their people to step away from the desk and enjoy a quiet space within the office.

Detail shot of brown terazzo worktop with brown leather seating

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