Peldon Rose at Wimbledon 2018

05 July 2018. News.

Every year, the Peldon Rose team heads down the road to catch a bit of tennis at The Wimbledon Championships. This year, we braved the rainy weather and brought along more people than ever for a fantastic afternoon of company bonding. With spirits high, picnic baskets packed and a handful of umbrellas on the ready, we headed over to celebrate this world-famous annual event in our neighbourhood of Wimbledon. Below are a few highlights from the afternoon.


1. The finer details of queue etiquette

Wimbledon remains one of the few sporting events in the world where you can buy a ticket on the day of the event. As part of our yearly tradition, we headed straight from the office and joined the back of a long and winding queue, where we promptly received a very British queueing handbook full of delightful instructions on proper queue etiquette.


2. Embracing the impending rain

Despite an hour-long wait and the race against the approaching clouds, we got through the queue quickly and were ready to see some tennis. Unfortunately, the second we entered the event we were drenched in rain and the matches were suspended. We grabbed seats and tried to wait out the weather, but the rain persisted and we had to accept that we weren’t going to see any tennis while we were there.


3. Sharing a picnic on Murray Mound

Ultimately, the best seat in the house was on Murray Mound, also known as Henman Hill. Despite the tennis being suspended for the rest of the afternoon, the hill was still bustling with optimistic and cheery fans. With a few tasty snacks, some refreshing drinks and plenty of good company, we quickly got past the bad luck with the weather and enjoyed a great evening with good friends and co-workers.

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