Argus Media new Lacon House office

08 June 2017. News.

We are currently on site at Lacon House delivering Argus Media’s new 53,000 sq ft office. This is an incredibly exciting project for Peldon Rose and a key moment for Argus staff as they relocate to their new home in Theobalds Road.

This project is all about connecting the talented team of over 350 staff at Argus. Having been split over three offices, the move into Lacon House is a chance for everyone to reconnect, integrate and collaborate. To deliver such an important space required a big idea that would make the Argus office a special destination and make the staff proud of their new home.

4 special things about the new Argus Media office at Lacon House:

The Argus Agora
Occupying two floors of Lacon House created a possible barrier in the office and, to make this space truly connected, we have created the Argus Agora. Inspired by the agora, or marketplace, of ancient Greece, this flexible collaborative hub forms the beating heart of the office. It will be an informal meeting space, lunch area and collaboration centre and a place for staff to connect socially, integrate and share.
The Agora is a space that looks incredible but will also have a valuable impact on the business and people of Argus. It provides an escape away from the desk and an alternative to all the other formal and informal meeting spaces throughout the office. This will be a buzzing, energetic place where Argus can bring everyone together at once and – at other times - it can be used in many other ways.

New ways of connecting
Bringing all the Argus staff together under the same roof and combining their offices means that the office technology needs to promote the collaborative community that the office design creates.
Throughout the office we have modern video conferencing rooms so that it is easy for Argus in London to stay in touch with global offices, clients and suppliers. Touchscreens and projectors are installed in the office to allow for larger shared meetings across different departments. There is a large training suite that can be divided into three smaller rooms, and technology free quiet rooms that enable staff to focus. There is also a bespoke webinar area that will enable greater digital sharing.

Amazing natural light
This office layout has been designed to optimise the natural light available, allowing light to flood the space and give staff a vibrant workspace. The natural light creates a bright, fresh feel that matches the smart, colourful finishes used throughout the office. It is an uplifting and positive environment.  Workstations have been positioned to maximise their exposure to natural light and promote staff wellbeing and productivity.

Ideal location
The surrounding area is also a fantastic perk of the new office. Lamb’s Conduit Street is full of independent restaurants and cafes and has a reputation for its stylishness. There is a wide offering of places to eat and drink a short walk from the office meaning lots of places to enjoy during breaks and after work.
Peldon Rose are proud to be working with Argus on this new chapter, building a great space that will unite and reconnect its teams. It’s an opportunity to build an environment that Argus staff and visitors are proud to be in, and one which will retain and attract talented individuals.

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