5 things employees have on their Christmas List

19 December 2016. Features.

Ahead of releasing the results from our winter happy office survey in January, we’ve drafted in our work experience guru Lillie Hiskett to have a sneak peek at our results and pick out her top 5 things that employees have on their Christmas Wish List.

Exposure to natural lighting 

Daylight is considered to be a priority requirement within the workplace. Employees say that it boosts productivity and can even make them become more creative. Companies should boost natural lighting into the office by rearranging seating and remove anything obstructing sunlight.

Quiet and private workspaces 

This is incredibly important for employees that work in an open-plan office. Distractions come in many forms with the leading ones being acoustic and visual so it’s great to have a quiet area to retreat to which will help your mental health and wellbeing at work.

Social events 

Having a workplace which enables you to hold social events is very important. It allows your relationships with your colleagues to grow on a mutual level and new friendships to form. The time you spend working in the office alone is not enough for you to get to know them fully. 

Dynamic office layout

Being encouraged to move around all areas of the office and communicate and converse with people is vital to help with productivity and morale while also allowing staff to discuss goings-on between themselves socially. A well-thought out office ensures there is good flow around the office and there are no isolated pockets of space.

Wellbeing benefits 

Employees who receive benefits such as gym memberships or a cycle to work scheme will instantly feel more appreciated by the company and it may also help with negative effects on the moods, mental wellbeing, motivation and happiness of employees. To help this, companies can install bike storage and changing facilities.

Finding ways to make sure you’re happy within the workplace is important, but of course our needs change like the seasons. The winter survey has thrown up some interesting results of what employees want and need in the office to ensure they can be as productive as possible and enjoy good mental wellbeing.

Check back in January to read the full results of our survey.

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